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Paradise PD season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Everything We Know So Far

The wait is over! The exciting American adult comedy animated series ‘Paradise PD’ will be returning with its second season. The show has been created by Waco O’Guin and Roger Black. The show made its debut back in August 2018, on Netflix. Fans are extremely excited and eager to see what will happen in the second season. A lot of rumors and gossips have surfaced up, so we have gathered all the latest information regarding the show. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming season of Paradise PD season 2.

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When will Paradise PD season 2 premiere?

On October 30, 2018, Netflix officially decided to renew the show with another season. In February 2020, it has been revealed that the second season of ‘Paradise PD’ will premiere on March 6, 2020. The upcoming season of Paradise PD is expected to feature a batch of 10 episodes.

What is the plot of Paradise PD season 2?

The plot of the animated series is about “a small police department, but they are no good cops, rather they are bad, bad like shitty”. As mentioned, the story is all about bad cops, who are not corrupt and nonsense either. These cops are simply underperforming, for they are not the first responders but are the part of worst responders.

In the initial season, the show had been great at using humor as a blunt force having no emotional attachment. According to Daily Dot, “Paradise PD tries to offer some commentary on police. When Gerald accidentally shoots himself, the incident becomes Black Lives Matter versus Blue Lives Matter; his identities literally battle while two public protests take place. Elsewhere, a cop argues that PTSD isn’t real.” However, the show was not at all too political. It was just there to have fun and so it did.

Hopefully, season 2 will continue in the same way as in season 1. It is expected that the story will continue from the point where Kevin went out in search of the traitor. Moreover, we will witness more of the worst respondents in the forthcoming season. Beside this, giving an ear to the latest humors, we get to know that the upcoming season will be much more exciting and hilarious than the previous one.

Who is in the cast of Paradise PD season 2?

The cast of season 2 includes the following actors;

Tom Kenny:

Tom Kenny plays the role of Chief Randall Crawford. He is Kevin’s father and the head of the police department.

David Herman:

The role of Kevin Crawford will be played by David Herman. He will be seen as a slightly overweight man who is the new employees in the force.

Kyle Kinane:

Kyle Kinane will be seen playing the role of a police dog, named Bullet, who is addicted to the confiscated drugs that he is supposed to be safeguarding.

Grey Griffin:

He will appear as Mayor Karen Crawford, who is the mayor of Paradise.

Dana Synder:

The role of Stanley Hopson will be played by Dana Synder. Stanley is an elderly homosexual officer who happens to be rather vulgar and abnormal. Snyder also plays the role of Dusty Marlow, an obese officer.

Sarah Chalke:

Sarah Chalke will appear to play Gina Jabowski, a violent and psychotic officer.

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