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Noel Gallagher Net Worth, Bio, Career, Personal Relationships & More

Noel Gallagher is a popular guitarist, songwriter and singer. He is known for working as the main guitarist and co-vocalist of Oasis. This British rock band has been popular for their songs and albums. Noel is the elder brother of Liam Gallagher who is another prominent singer in the industry. As Oasis was getting extremely popular in the 90’s it helped Noel gain a big amount of net worth. After sometime he left the band Oasis to pursue his solo career. Here are more details regarding Noel’s career and other things:

Early Life and Bio

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Noel was born on 29th May 1967 in Manchester. His parents are Irish and their names are Thomas and Peggy Gallagher. He is the second child in the family. Sadly his father was into alcoholic and used to beat his children. When he reached his teenage his parents got separated. Noel started living with his mother. Troubles were not ready to leave him as he was suspended from his school. He threw an object on his teacher when he was only 15. Due to financial issues he started working at construction companies. As he also became a drug addict he used to stay in his room for many hours. He is 57 years old currently while his height is five feet and seven inches.

Net Worth and Real Estate

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The total net worth of Noel happens to be around $70 million. He leads a lavish life and has a big mansion worth $11 million. This home features six bedrooms and a luxurious garden.  It also has home theaters, a pool and a tennis court. In 2019 he purchased another home in Hampshire. This mansion is even bigger than the previous one as it features around seven rooms in total. There is a private lawn and a cottage built inside the mansion. Due to high album sales and tours he has easily got a lot of Net worth.


Noel got the opportunity to start his music career as a roadie. He joined the band Inspiral carpets and started a US tour. His brother Liam also started working for a rock band named the Rain. They both jointed the group together while Noel became the major song writer. Oasis band signed up with a record label and released ‘Supersonic’. They released another album in 1994 that was called ‘Definitely Maybe’. It became one of the top selling albums in Britain. Their second album was named “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’’ Surprisingly this album became successful in US charts as well. It was the first time they got success in other parts of the world too. After his split up with Oasis Noel joined another band named High Flying birds.

Personal Relationships and Marriage

Noel got married to Meg Mathews. The couple welcomed their first child in 2000. However the couple got separated due to adultery charges on him. Later he had two more children with the women he was assumed to be dating. He got married to Sara MacDonald in 2011.

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