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Ninja Collection Episode 7 Release Date, Preview & Updates

Ninja Collection is an exciting anime and all the episodes it has released so far are quite interesting. It is a little different from other anime as each episode features a few minutes of stories that are about Ninjas. The story is set in the backdrop of Tokyo which is known to be a city of dreams and desires. There is a band of Ninjas and they have been passing down old techniques and carrying out various secret missions. The main aim of these ninjas is that they want to do all these missions without others knowing about it. We will discuss all the information about Ninja Collection episode 7 so keep reading all the details.

What is the Plot of Ninja Collection?

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As we have already discussed that Ninja Collection is a story about Ninjas and they carry out missions hiding it from the people. In the dark and cruel circumstances, they make sure they have to help others in times of need. People who are living in Tokyo call them Tokeshu due to the missions they carry out. The city is very different from others and the people who live there have mixed feelings of love, greed, and desire. A group of Shinobi is also within their group and helping others. The Shinobi group is studying in school and they are just like normal students. They take their classes and have fun when they are free and some of them lay down under the tree to take some time and breathe in peace.

Yuma is worried to see that there is smoke coming out from an area in the dark and he wants others to check out what is happening there. When the smoke keeps entering the class all the children become zombies and turn against the innocent Yuma. A Shinobi appears and uses all the Ninja techniques to help Yuma. Once everyone is saved everyone keeps laughing at Yuma and tells him that he must have been daydreaming. Yuma is still afraid after all that is happening to him.

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Is there any preview for Ninja Collection Episode 7?

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There is a small preview that has been released by makers and you can watch it on YouTube. The Ninja collection is very interesting and each episode will feature a good and entertaining story of Ninjas. Till now we don’t have any spoilers about the upcoming episodes of the anime but we are sure they all will have something interesting to tell. The story is a little different from other animes and it looks like everyone just loves them. You can keep watching every episode which is just three minutes long. The best thing about makers is that they keep considering the views of people in mind and make changes accordingly.

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What is the release date of Ninja Collection Episode 7?

The release date of Ninja Collection episode 7 is Sunday, August 16th, 2020. Every Sunday a new episode is released and all the fans wait anxiously. The best thing is that the episodes are available in English subtitles so there is no problem for the international viewers. Almost all the episodes are released in Japanese first so you will have to wait for a little for the English version to come out.

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