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The Grand Tour Season 4: Episode 2 Release Date, Updates and All You Need To Know

The Grand Tour aired its first episode on 13th December 2019 and since then the fans of the reality show are waiting for the next episode to come out. They are excited to see what the makers have in store for them. The show is the top trending keyword on the social networking sites and has been gaining a lot of attention. There are not many details available about the show on the internet as the makers are keeping things under wraps. There are many unofficial rumours surfacing on the internet and to save you from all the trouble we have gathered all the information here in this post.

What is Grand Tour Season 4?

Grand Tour Season 4 is a reality show that has already aired 3 seasons. The show is an Amazon series and it made its debut in December 2019. The previous seasons of the show were quite a success with the audience and the fans cannot wait for more content to come out. The Grand Tour Season 4 would not release weekly episodes this time and will have a different schedule.

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What are the episode details of Grand Tour Season 4?

The Grand Tour usually has 12 to 14 episodes but the fans were astonished when there was no news of any new episodes after the release of the first episode. The actual episode count is still unknown but it is rumoured that the season 4 will be shorter than before. Many people are confused whether Grand Tour will have two or four episodes. There is no solid information about the episode count but there are more chances that there will be 4 episodes.

The second episode doesn’t have any officially confirmed date but it is believed that it will be coming out in 6 months time. We might have to wait for a few months to see the team in action again. People are even thinking of unsubscribing Amazon Prime membership because they only subscribed to it to watch the show. There are many new and exciting released on Amazon Prime so we suggest you to stay tuned on the streaming platform.

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Why has the Grand Tour Season 4 Episode 2 delayed?

The new episode of Grand Tour Season 4 will be releasing in May 2020. As soon as we get any official confirmation about the same we will update you with it. We got an update recently about the second episode of the show. The episode has been delayed due to coronavirus. Jeremy Clarkson recently shared a tweet with the fans of the show and claimed that the episode is almost ready and is just delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Jeremy also hinted that they will be working on 2 more episodes after the release of the second episode.

This proves that season 4 would probably have a total of 4 episodes. The following is the Twitter conversation between a fan and Jeremy Clarkson. @Jeremy Clarkson, I think now would be a great time to release some new grand tour episodes. @Jeremy Clarkson, I think now would be a great time to release some new grand tour episodes. ‘I would consider it to be quite possibly the single greatest contribution to all mankind to help us defeat COVID-19! Love your stuff.’ Jeremy replied to them by saying We will be finally getting The Grand Tour Season 4 Episode 2, but episode 3 will be getting delayed till further notice.

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