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Nick Cannon Net Worth, Career, Personal Life, Life Story And Other Details

Nick Cannon is an American actor and a television host. Nick found success throughout his career and has appeared in several television shows and films.  Nick has also done some radio shows. He is also an entrepreneur and a businessman.

Net Worth

Nick Cannon has a net worth of $30 million. He earned success the moment he entered the entertainment business. Nick has gained a lot of attention and has acquired his net worth through his successful entertainment career. He has generated his net worth from his movie and film salaries. A major part of his income has also come from his business ventures.

Early Life


Nick Cannon was born in San Diego, California on October 8, 1980. He lived with his grandfather during his childhood. Cannon was a part of the Lincoln Park Bloods street gang when he was a teenager. He left the gang because he lost his close friend. He started performing at the age of 8. Cannon went to Monte Vista High School. Nick made his debut with a wide variety of standup comedy gigs. Nick’s big break came when he appeared on the comedy show, “All That”. Cannon was also a rapper and joined the band, Da G4 Dope Bomb Squad.

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On-Screen Career

Nick has been a part of a wide range of different commercial movies and TV shows. They include:

  • “Men in Black II”
  • “Drumline”
  • “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”
  • “Shall We Dance”
  • “Roll Bounce”
  • “Bobby”
  • “Chi Raq”
  • “Wild & Out

Music Career

Nick owns his own record label called, “Can I Ball Records”. He released his debut studio album in 2003. The lead single, “Can I Live” was an instant success. Nick is the founder of the record label, N’Credible Entertainment as well. He released a mixtape which was titled the “Child of the Corn”. Cannon released many hit singles that include:

  • “Me Sexy”
  • “Looking for a Dream”
  • “White People Party Music”
  • “The Gospel of Ike Turn Up: My Side of the Story
  • The Invitation

America’s Got Talent

Nick Cannon hosted “America’s Got Talent” and remained the host for the show from 2009-2016. He earned ” $70,000 per episode. He quit hosting the show in the 2017 season, as he was not on good terms with the NBC executives.

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Personal Life


Nick Cannon got married to Mariah Caret in 2008. The couple stayed together till 2016. They have two children together. When Mariah married Nick, she had a net worth of $150 million and Nick was worth less than $500,000. Nick was given the rights to their 2012 Ferrari and he was also forced to pay child support of approximately $5,000 per month for the twins. After filing their divorce, Nick and Mariah sold their home in LA’s Bel-Air neighborhood and received around $9 million for the house. Cannon was also in a relationship with the model Brittany Bell and they have a son together.

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