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NFL Future Power Rankings 2022: Projections Of The Top 5 Teams For The Next Three Seasons

Projecting ahead and making efforts for future success — beyond just the current season is a crucial thing in the NFL. The best teams who are at the top of the standings are making sure that they perform well in the coming seasons. So which teams are expected to pile up wins? Which will be the teams that will show a steady improvement over the next few years.

If you are wondering which NFL franchises are in the best shape for the next three seasons (2022 through 2024) then you are at the right place.  We will be analyzing the top 5 NFL teams that are expected to show a good performance in the coming NFL seasons.

Buffalo Bills

Brandon Beane has executed a masterclass in roster building. The foundation of this roster is built via the draft, and we have calculated swings in the free agency and trades. They are expected to land the receiver Stefon Diggs. The roster is loaded, and the head coach Sean McDermott will be playing an important role in taking the team towards success.

The biggest concern for the team last year was the pass rush. The rookies Greg Rousseau and Boogie Basham could have improved and it would have been given a timely boost to the team. The Bills finished 11th in total sacks and were sixth in pass rush win rate. Buffalo’s defense was not able to get off the field when it was needed. Buffalo needed its defense and could not deliver when it matters the most.

Kansas City Chiefs

This team has the best head coach and quarterback combination. The Chiefs have owned the AFC for four straight years and the hunt for the best players is going forward. It can be oversimplifying to examine the greatness of Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, who will be the game’s best offensive lines. The intriguing young pieces have overall franchise sustainability when it comes to the top-down commitment.

GM Brett Veach has made some tough decisions this offseason. Tyrann Mathieu leaves as a free agent after failing to reach an agreement on the extension of his contract. The concern going forward is always the same as there are such high expectations from the team. The players the Chiefs brought in, are expected to perform their best.

Green Bay Packers

Most of the attention paid nationally to the Packers is due to the latest beat from the Aaron Rodgers files. GM Brian Gutekunst has a terrific eye for talent and his skill is unmistakable. Rodgers is under contract for three more seasons. The players of the team have made it clear that the retirement has weighed heavily on him.

The QB situation for the short term is secure with Rodgers’ new contract. Davante Adams move to Las Vegas and will be undergoing a major overhaul. Nobody knows what the reigning MVP will do.

Los Angeles Rams

The champs deserve praise as they have played so well. GM Les Snead has identified that his squad was on the precipice of greatness. They have performed the best in the offseason and we’re committed to doing everything that they can to win the game right away. That decision was validated in the Super Bowl last season. LA did not project to regress soon as the RAMS are loaded and smartly managed.

The concern now is the ability of the front office and they will continue to develop depth outside of the first round. It is important to consider the defensive tackle Aaron Donald and the quarterback Matthew Stafford. The cornerback Jalen Ramsey and edge rusher Leonard Floyd have made an estimated of $105 million of the 2023 salary cap.

Los Angeles Chargers

The rise of the Chargers has been on a high since drafting Justin Herbert. He will be a part of the game this year as well. He should only continue this year and will participate in the games. He should not only get another leap forward by its prodigious quarterback.

The team has also enjoyed improvements on both sides of the ball. It will be an aggressive offseason in the next few years as well. Herbert alone is the reason for optimism and has a wide collection of blue-chippers. They will make up with the core and could be the season that the Bolts have graduated in. They will graduate to the elite tier and might take a special place in the NFL list.

The record has been showing that Brandon has performed well in the game. Hid aggressive, analytical, probability-driven coaching style is great and it is not for the faint of heart. You can argue that there might be some issues with some in-game decision-making. He is always there for the risk-taking factor and that might have cost them in 2021.

The Chargers set the single-season NFL record as the team had 22 successful fourth-down conversions on their 34 attempts. Staley will lead the good roster to the playoffs and will have the playoff victory. He will remain one of the biggest question marks.

Joanne Elliot
Joanne Elliot
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