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Netflix November 2019 New Releases: Best Movies And TV Shows Coming This Month

Between Halloween and Christmas, Netflix takes a handful of premieres out of its sleeve (nor is it the most generous month) among which the new Narcos season stands out, perhaps the series that has done the most for the internationalization of Netflix. In addition, three original Netflix films are released with great Hollywood stars that have played an important role in the festival season.

On the other side of the wind – November 2

The moviegoers are salivating (or shaking) at the opportunity to see a ‘new’ Orson Welles movie 33 years after his death. This is his latest project, which he was unable to settle due to financing problems, and whose original material has been kept in a safe in Paris during these three decades: about 40 minutes of more or less definitive assembly and rolls and more rolls of raw film. Starring John Huston, Peter Bogdanovich, Susan Strasberg, and Oja Kodar, is the story of a filmmaker who returns to Hollywood after years of exile in Europe.

The film was presented in Venice with disparate criticism: on the one hand, there are those who clearly see Welles’ DNA and consider it to be an excellent crepuscular work of a movie genius; for another,

It is completed with the premiere of the documentary they will love me when he is dead, in which the witnesses of the filming of that film tell how they experienced the disaster in the first person.

The Sinner, season 2 – November 9

After the good taste that left the first season, the intrigue of The Sinner returns with a new case for inspector Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman). Jessica Biel has already closed her participation as a protagonist but continues as a producer, and the main character falls to these new chapters in Carrie Coon, whom you will adore deeply if you have seen The Leftovers. The mystery now centers on a double murder allegedly committed by a disturbing 13-year-old boy.

The Outlaw King – November 9

The banned king is the new David Mackenzie movie, highly sought after the spectacular reviews he received from Comancheria. It tells the story of Robert I Bruce, a rebel Scottish nobleman who rides a small army to fight against the occupation of Edward I of England. A structure is very similar to Braveheart (medieval quality standard with epic moralism and touches of author’s cinema) with which Netflix inaugurated the Toronto Festival, which in recent years is considered as the best springboard with Venice to position itself in the race of the Oscars. Of course, after their first pass, the headlines have not been about the quality of the film but the overwhelming front naked Chris Pine.

Super Drags – November 9

A mix between RuPaul’s Drag Race and Las Supernenas in this adult animation about three drags with powers that save the world. It looks as if it lacks bad milk to become scandalous and there are plenty of obvious jokes.

The Kominsky method – November 16

Twilight comedy starring Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. Just for them, it is worth giving this new creation of Chuck Lorre a chance (Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory). Douglas plays an actor of relative success involved in an interpretation teacher in a proposal based almost one hundred percent on the ingenuity of the dialogues and the veterans of its protagonists.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs – November 16

The last film of the Cohen brothers is like a tale of the West in six independent chapters, each with different protagonists and different tones. Start with his classic black humor with the character that gives a title to the film, a killer and smiling cowboy, there are moments of tenderness as in the episode starring Tom Waits as an ingenious gold digger … Probably put the focus on the part of James Franco – is the classic hunted hunter -, although the best is undoubtedly the longest, entitled The Gal Who Got Rattled. An irremediably irregular compilation and throwing in self-absorption, but with brushstrokes of the best Cohen cinema and its reflection on destiny and death.

Fugitive – November 23

Second chance to see (or not) this series of RTVE and Ganga, the producer of Tell Me. Paz Vega (and her wig) strives to pull a plot of classic escape thriller for injustice, with constant twists, a supposedly fast-paced rhythm, and a complicated likelihood. Ana Guerra sings the soundtrack.

How to defend a murderer, season 4 – November 24

In this new season, Annalize (Viola Davis) departs from her students to treat her alcoholism with a psychologist … Among the young people, there are sentimental crises, investigations about murderous parents and those typical things of this addictive series, all before the most anticipated brooch: The crossover with Scandal.

Baby – November 30

Netflix presented this Italian series in a joint event with Elite, because it is aimed at the same audience with the desire to be scandalized. The plot is much tougher since it is based on the ‘Baby Squillo‘ case: 20 businessmen, police officers, and politicians, including Mussolini’s granddaughter’s husband, were accused in 2013 of having sex with teenagers between 14 and 16 years old who prostituted themselves to finance their travels.

1983 – November 30

The first Polish Netflix series is a thriller with an overflowing personality that follows a student and a policeman in his investigation into a conspiracy that maintained the Iron Curtain and the police state in Poland, all in relation to the 1983 attack that gives Series title.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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