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Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway is a film series and the show is based on the novel that has the same name. The novel is written by Yoshiyuki Tomino. The makers of the series have revealed that the novel would get animated and a three-part movie will be made in the novel.

The first film of the series was produced by the Sunrise Studio, and it was scheduled to release in July 2020. However, the film did not release due to the pandemic restrictions. The YouTube channel of the series has released a new trailer and the release date of the film has also been revealed. The show will be releasing in the theaters on May 7, 2021.

What are the updates on Mobile Gundam Hathaway?

Gundam is one of the oldest and popular anime series in Japan. The series started in 1979 and is still on-going. The show received positive reviews and has released countless TV and film franchises. The latest Hathaway franchise is one of the most anticipated film series and is popular among the fans. After the delay, there is no timeline for the upcoming release of the franchise. If you want to know further details about the franchise then you can visit their official website.

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What is the concept of Mobile Gundam Hathaway?


The concept of Mobile Suit Gundam has always been the same and various films and TV shows have been made. The show is revolved around a group of freedom fighters and teen boys. It revolves around control Gundam suits and heavy-duty fighting machines.

The original anime is about the space war that was started by Zeon with the rest of the world. The world forces got destroyed and Zeon is seen using the superior technology of Gundam Suits of the opposing forces. The main protagonists of the show are White Base Members and the atrocities of the Zeon forces.

The next franchise will highlight the story Forty Years Later.  The Hathaway novels bring a new story to the franchise and will be much new stuff for the fans. The show highlights twelve years after the War, and we see the terrorist threat that is left by Mufti. Hathaway is the leader of the organization, and he works with the name Mufti Nabiyy Erin.

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Who is the team behind the franchise?

Shūkō Murase will be directing the three films for the Hathaway franchise. The writer Yasuyuki Mutou has written the scripts. Hiroyuki Sawano will be the composer for the music and will be featured in the movies.

The first film of the franchise has been delayed, and the fans are expecting the movies to be exciting. The fans of the franchise are highly anticipating the new versions in the next few years.

The production for the next films will start after the COVID-19 pandemic. Gundam franchise has celebrated its 40th-anniversary in 2019. The creator of the novel is, Tomino, and these novels have been adapted to various films and theatres.

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