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How Physical therapy Can Help You Recover From Injury Effectively

When you experience an injury, there are several things to do to help with your recovery. First, it’s vital to seek treatment immediately after you get injured so you can start healing and avoid making it worse. Once you get treated, your doctor may recommend you start a physical therapy program. Here are some ways physical therapists can help you recover more effectively:

Common Injuries Physical Therapists Treat

The best physical therapy providers use a combination of treatments to help patients recover from injuries. Physical therapists treat many different types of injuries. They can treat injuries from work, such as muscle sprains or fractures. They also treat injuries from car accidents, such as neck trauma, back problems and much more.

Special Treatments Used To Speed Up Recovery

If your doctor recommends you try physical therapy to speed up your recovery, there are several treatments available. Physical therapists often use exercises to help treat an injury. They can use massage techniques as well to help your injury heal. Additionally, you may have heat therapy, ice or stretching routines incorporated into your treatment plan.

Reducing Pain and Discomfort

Providers in physical therapy New Jersey start their treatments by reducing pain and discomfort. Your therapist may have you relax in a treatment room with ice, heat or an electrical stimulation device to help lower inflammation and get you to start healing faster.

Regaining Body Movement Effectively

During your treatment with a physical therapist, you may also complete some stretching exercises and massage therapy. Your provider may use these techniques to help improve your range of motion. This is one of the goals of physical therapy when used to rehab from an injury. Once your inflammation subsides, your provider may have you start stretching your muscles to help increase your range of motion.

Rebuilding Strength

Recovery isn’t possible until you also rebuild your muscle and joint strength. Most physical therapy offices are part of a larger facility that includes weight training machines and other devices to help build core strength. Your therapist may prescribe different exercises with weight machines to rebuild your muscle strength.

Avoiding Surgical Interventions

Some providers benefit their patients by giving them a way to avoid intense surgical interventions. For chronic pain sufferers, physical therapy is usually the first treatment option that physicians want them to consider before looking into surgery. Additionally, some injuries can be treated with surgery if there is an alternative plan with physical therapy.

Improving Stability

If you search for physical therapy near me, you may also help speed up your recovery through stability exercises. Physical therapists also work with patients in building up core stability. This helps with posture and movement. Making your body more stable can aid you in your recovery from an injury.

Physical therapy is one part of a comprehensive treatment plan after a serious injury.  When you rebuild your body after suffering an injury, you’ll need to commit to the treatment plan your doctor chooses. Your doctor and your physical therapist can work together to help you heal.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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