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Mo3 Net Worth, Bio, Death, Career & All You Need To Know

Melvin Noble who is popularly known as Mo3 was a rapper and songwriter. He gained a lot of fame and attention due to his hard work. This talented rapper hails from North Dallas. While growing up he had to face a lot of financial issues. His life didn’t serve him on a gold platter and he had to work hard for everything. Fortunately he earned a big amount of net worth during his life. The source of income is from music and YouTube. He has been associated with a lot of big brands that helped him earn a big fortune. Here are some details about her net worth, bio and all:

Net Worth

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The total net worth of Mo3 happens to be around $ 1 million to $5 million. He was leading a luxurious life before his death. Being a drill rapper he had to live up to the expectations of people. His jewelry was worth $25,000 that is massive. As he was a big fan of cars he used to make frequent purchases.



Melvin Noble was born on the 31st of May 1993 in North Dallas. His family was struggling financial during his childhood. Even though they tried hard but his parents couldn’t feed their children. MO3 used to spend most of his night outside on patios. He had to survive by eating noodles in dinner. Their family didn’t have basic necessities like electricity. The talented rapper spent nights at stores so he could charge his phone fully. As he had a lot of interest in music he started recording his songs.

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Career and Rise in fame

MO3 released his first mixtape in 2014. Many fans liked his drill rap and the mixtape “Shottaz” gained a lot of attention. The mixtape got the perfect sequel with the title “Shottaz reloaded”. These mixtapes have two prominent singles “Gangsta love” and “Hold Ya Tongue”. His fan base was increasing and these songs were streamed over ten million times. Due to rise in fame he got the chance to collaborate with Lil Ronny, Dorrough, and Boosie Badazz.  He also worked with Boose Badazz’z Bad Azz Music Label. The label helped him release many mix tapes including:

  • Gangsta Love, Pt. 1
  • Shottaz 3.0
  • 911: Gangsta Grillz

He has also worked with famous artists like Co Gotti, Trapboy Freddy and Young Og. Soon after the success of these tapes he signed up with Epic records.

Shocking death of Rapper Mo3

All the fans of Mo3 are sad to know that he was shot while traveling inside his car. As his car was moving on the I-35 highway the gunman was also on the same path. He was performing at the night club just before this shooting incident happened. The talented rapper figured out the situation and ran out of his car. He was shot in the head and back many times that eventually led to his death on spot. His friend was also shot but he survived from this unfortunate incident.

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