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Property Styling – Find a Buyer Quickly

The Australian real estate market is always busy; properties are bought and sold on a daily basis and when investing such an amount in bricks and mortar, buyers are finicky and usually know exactly what they are looking for. Some would say it’s a buyer’s market at present and if you have plans to relocate to a larger property, the sale of your current home determines when you can move.

What is property styling?

Rather than making any structural changes, you can transform an interior with the right high-end furniture, fixtures and fittings. When you make contact with a property styling company, they send a property stylist to your home, where you can both sit down and discuss the many options. 

Flexible and professional

The provider is very flexible, with packages ranging from 1 month to 3 years, your home is styled by a professional interior designer; when a potential buyer comes to view the property, they can see the potential that your home possesses and for some, this is enough to persuade them to buy. If, for example, you added the cost of the styling to your asking price and you find a buyer, it hasn’t cost you anything.

Show homes

When you visit a residential building development, the show home is decorated to a very high standard, this is the primary client for the home stylist, as the developer wishes to attract viewers and turn them into buyers. It is only during the past decade or so that individual property owners have been using property styling, which really can make all the difference. When someone walks into an empty house, it looks rather bare and it can be hard to imagine anything else; styling, on the other hand, shows you the potential a property possesses and with so many houses on the market, you need to find an edge. You might wish to make your home look more eco-friendly.

Five star luxury

Imported Italian furniture and stylish fittings will elevate the ambience and should a buyer ask about including the furniture and fittings, that can be arranged for an agreed price. If you are preparing to list your home on the market, talk to a stylist about a short-term package and you might get a quick sale that frees you to relocate. 

Online solutions

Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, Google can find a local property stylist who can pay you a visit and present a few design templates; if an agreement is reached, the project can be completed as fast as 72 hours and your home is transformed. Do some research on the property stylist to ensure they are established and have a good reputation and with the help of a professional team, you can make your home look enticingly attractive. The alternative is to take a chance that someone will see the potential of the property and with so many on the market, it could take a long time! Click here for more information on selling your property in Australia.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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