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Miitopia Review –Eyes Without A Face: Is It Worth Your Time?

Miitopia is an interesting and entertaining game. All the players get a chance to get in touch with the Mii characters that they create on their own. These characters are based on you, friends, and family. There are celebrities and other fantasy characters that make it even more interesting. It is a simple RGB story where you can cast anyone as a player and NPC character. The Dark Lord of Miitopia gives scary vibes as it ruins the peace of the population by stealing popular faces. It is up to the players and their band of adventures to embark on a journey and stop his wickedness. There are a lot of interactions with goofy characters and dialogue snippets are also interesting. Here is a detailed review of Miitopia.

What is Miitopia all about?

Miitopia 2

Miitopia features a cute and fun concept that will be liked by many players. The Switch version of the game is impressive as it allows you to create the characters on your own. You can create interesting Mii characters by combining different hair, eyes, facial features, and shapes. However, you need to understand that it will take time to create impressive Mii. If you put in an effort you can design marvelous characters. If you are not sure what to do you can catch up with other players or take their help. Once you have created your Miis it is time to assign them different roles. You can set off on an adventure to compete against the Dark Lord who is very vicious. It is up to you how you can end his evilness with your characters.

Miitopia: Detailed Review

Miitopia 3

The visuals and overall tone of the dialogue set up in Miitopia are impressive. There are humorous elements and a comedic take on RGP tropes is interesting. The background is pleasant to look at as there are cute animations and a bright color used on it. There is a simplistic charm because of the original 3DS graphics. While the visual overhaul for the Switch version takes it to another level. Some players believe that the charm goes away when they dwell in the gameplay. The combat and exploration of this game are simple and a little faulty. When the players start an encounter they will be into a turn-based battle.

There are not many options available in combat that can be frustrating at times. Almost all your party members are controlled by PC and you are the one doing it all. You can’t give any general instructions like ‘attack the same enemy’ as they will do whatever they want. As a result, you as a single player will have to deal with it all. You can spend your time in fights and there is nothing new to explore. The good news is that there is an addition in the Miitopia’s combat that is a horse. You can ride on it and make attacks against the Dark Lord and other enemies. Ultimately there is nothing new rather than character making and that too at the base level decisions. Players can control few things but it is too simple and not very fulfilling for them. The dialogues and character interactions are good but this charm fades away after some time.

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