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Bosch Season 6: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

Bosch Season 6 is the sixth installment of the show which is based on the bestselling book written by Michael Connelly. Connelly the writer of the book is also the acting producer and the writer of the show. The show is focused on the Los Angeles police investigation bureau unit and is a crime thriller. The book was interesting and so has the previous seasons of the show. We are looking forward to the season 6 as it is going to precede the story forward with a lot of new interesting twists and turns.

The season 6 will also be focusing on some bits and pieces taken from the story of various books written by Connelly. If you have been an avid watcher of the previous five seasons and are looking forward to season 6 then this post might be a good spot for you. Read on to know about the exciting details of the Bosch Season 6.

What will be the storyline of Bosch Season 6?

The plot of the season 6 will be interesting and thrilling and sounds even better than the last seasons. The basic plot will be focusing on a scientist who develops a radioactive material and ends up being murdered. The problem arises when the police find out after the murder investigation that the dangerous radioactive material is missing. Bosch who it the detective in charge finds out about the faulty federal investigation and digs deep into the truth.

He finds himself in the middle of a complicated and mysterious murder where it seems that a lot is under the wraps. Los Angeles is under threat because of the missing missile and the murder has also become a mystery. The basic plot of the season 6 would be related to murder investigation and a lot of twists and turns would lead the story forward.

Bosch Season6: Is there any trailer out?

The trailer of Bosh season 6 has already been out and seems quite interesting. The trailer starts with Bosch arriving at the murder scene. He is reported by the officials that the radioactive material the doctor had invented have been missing from the hospital. Bosch is further seen explaining that if the explosive materials get in the wrong hands the whole LA could get into danger. He is seen conversing with his team that the water supply could get contaminated and as a result diseases and germs could spread all over LA. This is the entire trailer revealed to us. We might get lucky and get to catch another trailer before its release.

Where can you watch Bosch season 6?

A lot of movies and TV shows have been delayed due to the coronavirus but fortunately Bosch season 6 will be releasing on its scheduled date and you can catch it exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Bosch season 6: The cast

All the actors from the previous season have been retained in this season. The cast of season 6 includes:

  • Welliver
  • Jamie Hector (Detective Jerry Edgar)
  • Amy Aquino (Lieutenant Grace Billets)
  • Lance Reddick (Deputy Chief Irvin Irving)
  • Madison Lintz (Maddie Bosch)
  • Honey Chandler (Mimi Rogers)

When is Bosch season 6 launching?

The wait is finally over because Bosch season 6 would be available to stream online on April 17th 2020. A few days are left and you will be finally getting the opportunity to watch your favorite show’s next season. The previous seasons were appreciated by the audience and the critics and it seems like this season also has some potential.

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