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Memorable Moments From When I was the Most Beautiful So Far

When I was the most beautiful is one of the most popular MBC drama series. It has bee gaining a lot of attention and popularity from the Kdrama drama fans because of the interesting storyline and excellent performances by the actors.

The drama series has the best romantic scenes and have captured the audience’s interest. The show stars Im Soo Hyang, Ji Soo, and Ha Seok Jin in the lead roles. The trio has given their best performances and has made When you are beautiful one of the best shows on MBC and the K drama land right now. We share the best and memorable moments from When You are beautiful

When Hwan falls in love with Oh Ye Ji

The scene where Hwan falls in love with Oh ye Ji is one of the most beautiful scenes in the series. Hwan is seen riding his bicycle and he spots Oh Ye Ji standing in front of him in the rain. She is covering her head with a leaf due to the rain. Hwan falls in love with her at first sight. He gets surprised when he meets her in school when she introduces her as his student teacher.

Jin falling in love with Oh Ye Ji


The scene where Jin falls in love with Oh Ye Ji is also beautiful and impressive. Jin is seen visiting a ceramic store and he meets with Oh Ye Ji there. He gets engrossed in her beauty and wishes to approach her and be with her. Jin is Hwan’s older brother and this marks the start of the heartbreaking love triangle between the three leads.

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Oh Ye Ji getting married to Jin

Oh Ye Jin getting married to Jin is one of the happiest and loveliest scenes in the drama. Oh ye Ji has suffered a lot in her life and she hasn’t had the chance to enjoy family love. Jin’s family showers love and support and accept her as their family. Hwan also backs off and gives preference to what is better for Oh Ye Ji instead of what he wants. His ultimate sacrifice is so touching and impressive.

Seeing Oh Ye Ji happy with Jin

Ye Ji is seen happy with Jin and their scenes are a delight to watch. It is also interesting to see how Ye Ji gets along with Jin’s family so well. Her bond with Jin’s father is fun and entertaining. It is also great to see Jin’s loyalty and sincerity towards Oh Ye Ji.

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Oh Ye Ji and Hwan meeting again in Jeju


Ye Ji’s happiness comes crashing down when she finds out that Jin had an accident. He doesn’t return home but Ye Ji still believes that he is alive out there. When Hwan finds out about this he goes to Jeju and finds Ye Ji. There are a lot of beautiful scenes between Hwan and Ye Ji in the beautiful sights of Jeju Island. Hwan still has lingering feelings for Ye Ji and that is apparent in his eyes.

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