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Melanie Griffith Net Worth Net Worth, Early Life, Career& More

Melanie Griffith is an American actress and she has gained a lot of fame due to her hard work and talent. She started her career in the ’70s but rose to fame in the 1908’s and became a part of many hit movies. She was won a lot of awards and accolades for her good performance and people like her for how versatile she is while choosing roles. The major highlight of her career is to win a Golden Globe Award which she won for playing a role in Working Girl. Today we will be discussing all the information we have about Melanie. All her fans will be very excited to read about her.

Early life

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Melanie was born on 9th August 1975 in Manhattan, Newyork and she was born in a family who was greatly influenced by the entertainment industry. In fact, her family had deep connections within the industry but she never took advantage of it and wants to make it big on her own. Her mother is a famous model named Tippi Harden and she was a model and an actress herself. Her late father Peter Griffith was an executive and a child actor himself so there were high chances that Melanie is going to be an actress too.

She had acting talent since childhood and got lucky to get the most prominent roles. Melanie managed to graduate at the age of 16 because she was an intelligent child. Her parents were separated since she was quite young and even though she was interested in getting a role as a child but was a little uncomfortable. She is 63 years old and five feet and eight inches.

Personal Life and Divorce settlement


Melanie got married to Antonio but they broke up after some years. Their fight began because of real estate issues and it led so further that they couldn’t be solved. The divorce battle went on for many years and there was no settlement happening. The custody wasn’t an issue because Melanie kept the child with her but Antonio was convinced to pay her daughter’s expenses till she turned 19. It also included both college and graduate school fees so they could live easily.


Melanie got a chance to work in some of the most interesting films. Nearly all the movies she has worked in became famous and she won many awards for her work. Some of the most prominent films in her entire career include:

  • Working Girl
  • Body double
  • Milk money
  • Lolita
  • Roar
  • Something wild
  • Crazy in Alabama
  • Shining through

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Net Worth and Real Estate

The net worth of Melanie was estimated to be $40 million. She is leading a lavish lifestyle and bought a mansion that is worth $3.7 million. The mansion is Spanish style and the property is stretched on a very wide area. There are many bedrooms and the living area is also very huge. When a divorce happened between the couple they had to distribute their assets and real estate too. They sold the apartment to someone else and it was demolished to be built into a new home for Ted Sarandos.

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