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Alex Rodriguez Net Worth, Career, Bio, Personal Life And Other Details

Alex Rodriguez is a former American former professional baseball player.  He is also a television analyst and has played for the Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers. He is known for playing with the New York Yankees for the most time. He played with the Yankees from 2004 till 2017.

Early Life

Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez was born on July 27, 1975, in Washington Heights. His parents are Dominican immigrants. He has two step-siblings, Joe and Suzy who are his mother’s kids from her first marriage. When Alex turned four-years-old, his family moved to the Dominican Republic.

When he was a child his father gifted him with a plastic bat and rubber ball. Alex played baseball with his friends as a child and joined the youth league baseball team. He became interested in Baseball and it soon became his entire life.

In his high school time, Rodriguez was considered to be the top baseball player in the country. He was recruited to play quarterback when he joined the Hurricanes’ football team. He was just 17-years-old when he entered the world of professional baseball.

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Rodriguez made his debut as a shortstop on July 8, 1994. While playing with the Mariners, Alex Rodriguez made many records and also broke several of them. He was the star player but left the team in 2000 for the Texas Rangers. Rodriguez continued to play for the Rangers from 2001-2003.

Rodriguez moved to Yankees and was recruited as the third baseman. When  Rodriguez was playing with the Yankees, he was named as the AL MVP in 2005 and 2007.  He was awarded as the youngest player to hit 500 home runs and reached a milestone in 2007.

Toward the end of his career, Rodriguez suffered from hip and knee injuries, and this forced him to become a designated hitter. He played his final game and officially retired from baseball in 2017.

Personal Life

Rodriguez got married to Cynthia Scurtis in 2002. The couple met in a gym in Miami. They have two children together. Cynthia got divorced from Alex on July 7, 2008. Rodriguez claimed that his marriage was irretrievably broken.

Alex started dating Jennifer Lopez in February 2017. A-Rod and JLo were reportedly engaged in 2019. Jennifer’s has a net worth of $400 million and Alex’s net worth is $50 million. They have a combined net worth of $750 million.

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Salary And Earnings Highlights

Alex has an estimated net worth of $350 million. During his professional baseball career, he earned $475 million.  During his career, Alex earned $441 million through his salary alone. He earned $40 million from endorsements, which is way less than his contemporaries.

A-Rod was also an endorsement king during his peak career and he earned a lot of salary from his endorsements. Alex has earned his net worth by playing baseball. He has also earned his money from endorsement deals other than his professional baseball career. Alex and Jennifer’s combined net worth is $750 million and the couple is engaged and very much in love.

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