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Master in the House Episode 121: Release Date and Streaming Details

Master in the House is a South Korean TV reality show where the audience gets to meet famous stars and see their lifestyle up close and personal. The Cast of The Master in the house includes Lee Seung gi and K pop idol Yook Sungjae who is an ex-member of the boy band BTOB. The Cast spends the night with famous stars at their homes and does fun stuff together.

In this post we will tell you about all the details related to Master in the house including the Master in the House release date of Episode 121 and where you can stream it. If you have been following the show then this post would be interesting for you. The reality show has been on the air for 3 years now and is going to reach its end soon.

What is Master in House all about?

South Korean TV shows are popular all over the world and the reality show produced by the country is also gaining a lot of attention. Master in the House is a popular TV reality show that has an interesting plot. The Cast of the show spends 2 days and 1 night together with professionals from different fields and get to know about them and gain knowledge from them. The professionals they visit are called the Masters and the cast members spend time with them at their home and benefit from their wisdom. The people of all age groups love watching the show as various celebrities come on the show and entertain the audience.

Who is in the cast of Master in the House?

The Cast of the Master in House has some of the most popular and famous celebrities of South Korea. The show has gained so much attention because of the stellar star cast and the guests on the show. The cast includes:

What are the streaming details of Master in the House?

If you like watching a master in the house you can stream it on Rakuten Viki stream websites. The websites provide all episodes with English subtitles. If you haven’t watched the show from the beginning you can start watching it from Episode 1 and watch it till the recent episode. All episodes are available in high quality. The latest episode will be available for streaming online once the episode gets broadcast in South Korea.

When is Master in the House Episode 121 going to release?

Master in the House episode 121 release date is 24th May 2020. The show airs at 18:50 which is the Korean standard time. The latest episodes of the show air on the local South Korean channel SBS. You can catch the new episode of the show every Sunday. This is a reality show so you wouldn’t get the latest episodes every day. The release schedule of the episodes is slow and you have to wait for a week to get the latest episode. A few episodes of the show are left but it will take a while for the show to end as it airs once a week. The reality show consists of a total of 150 episodes and 29 episodes are left.

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