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Takuya Komine Net Worth, Career, Personal Life, Achievements & More

Takuya Komine is a popular football player and he is making many new records in his career. Many people didn’t believe that he will come this far but his talent is evident and his luck also favored him. His playing style is loved by his fans and he is an inspiration for all the youngsters too. The fans will not be surprised to know that he is considered one of the best football players of all time. Even though he is from Japan it has not restricted his success and fame in any way. Here is all you need to know about this talented actor.

Quick facts and Bio

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Takuya was born on December 22nd, 1988 in Japan. He was interested in playing football since his youth and his father also inspired him. It wasn’t easy to get into the football Association but his eyes were always full of passion. His parents were always beside him and he wanted to pursue football as a career. When he completed his studies he entered the sports industry. It wasn’t easy for him to make a mark but he worked hard to achieve it all. His parents are not from a well-off background but they did their best to support him financially. The star sign on Takuya is Aquarius and he is 33 years old currently. Even though he is a self-made man today he owes all this success to his family and loved ones. His weight is 74 kg and he completed his education at Nihon University.


Takuya is one of the topmost football players in the world. However, this journey wasn’t easy as he had to work hard and reach where he is today. He was motivated by all the professional players and watched them play. It was also his father who inspired him so he could start playing football professionally. Once he made a dedicated plan he was strict enough to keep it all going with big success. He has made it into the list of top 10 football players many times. The best thing is that he is an easy-going person and doesn’t fall into any controversies. His professional life has been clean and he likes to stay away from controversies.

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Net Worth and Personal Relationships

The total net worth of Takuya happens to be around $23 million. His monthly income is $1.8 million and he has achieved everything due to his active career. He has successfully played for Fukushima United FC for about two years. Being in the position of the football defender wasn’t really easy but he managed to do it all. Takuya is a private person and he has not revealed any information about his family. He has decided to play for a long and won’t retire from the football career anytime soon that has made his fans happy. Takuya likes to stay active on social media but as he posts everything in Japanese it is difficult for international fans to understand it all. You can get the latest updates on his Twitter and Instagram whenever you want.

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