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Lost In Space Season 2 Netflix Release Date, News, Cast And Review

The Netflix remake of the 60’s Lost in Space was launched in 2018 April. The exciting news is that the Adventurous series is coming back with a bang with a new and exciting season to enthrall the fans once again. The first 10 episodes of the series were a ride of joy and thrill for the fans and critics of the show. Many feared that season 2 would be a gritty reboot of the first season but fortunately, this is not the case. The show is going to bring a lot of new adventures that the fans would love to explore. So get ready to be glued to your screen for an all-new exciting thrilling episode of the Lost in Space.

Mixed reviews on the first season

The first season got mixed reviews which bring a question mark to the success of the next set of episodes that are up-coming up. Some liked it, some loved it and some disregarded it as a complete trashy show. What is the fate of this season? Only time will tell. Will the show be able to win the audience this time or it will be the last time for them? The questions can be answered only after the release of the series.

Lost in Season Cast

Looks like all the cast from season 1 will be returning to the show for season 2 as well because the whole cast survived in season 1. The Robinson family will be aloof on their own because their ship is taken to some unknown destination.

The daunting and impressive parents Maureen and John will be returning played by actors Molly Parker and Toby Stephens. The Robinson kids played by Taylor Russell, Maxwell Jenkins and Mina Sundwall are surely going to make a comeback as the show can’t go on without them.

Lost in Space Review and what the show is all about?

Season one left a lot of question marks and instigated a lot of guessing the game because it ended on a cliffhanger. Just when everyone thought that the Robinson family is safe and will reunite with their fellow colonists they are taken away abruptly and they get vanished because of some unknown forces. Which planet is the family taken to the makers did not bother to mention that? Maybe they wanted to create suspense and didn’t want to disclose the details.

The basis of the next season is that the Robinson family might find them in the Planet of Robots. Season 2 will answer why humans are exchanging communications with robots and why are they involved with them. The human colonists are using the stolen alien tech space and why are they doing that will be explored in season 2.

Will Victor and his colonists unite with the Robinson Family or just continue with their journey? Will the colonists make the decision to join the Robinson family on Jupiter and help them get out of there? If you are curious about all that you need to watch the second season of Lost in Space.

The makers of the series are exploiting the fans’ curiosity and have recently released a statement that this season the show is going to get even bigger and better. They have pondered over the loopholes in season 1 and also discussed things that were not up to the mark in the season 1. They promised a dazzling comeback which is going to be larger than life and a lot scarier as well so it would be better if you don’t watch it at night.

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Release Date

The filming of the series kicked of in September last year and is expected to go on till March 2020. Netflix announced the release date of the series in October 2019. Brace yourself and get excited because the show is finally going to release on 24th December 2019. Get ready to free up your schedule because season 2 is sure to get you on a bumpy ride of thrill and joy.

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