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Loren Ridinger Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Relationships, Real Estate & More

Loren Ridinger is a popular American businesswoman and she is known for her business skills. She has got a big net worth as her business is growing by leaps and bounds. She is the Senior Vice President of Internet retailing giant shop.com and marketamerica.com. Both the retail shops are doing big business. Loren is also the creator of the award-winning cosmetics line Motives, uber-luxurious skincare line, and Cellular Laboratories. She is also dealing with the solution-oriented product line, Fixx Solutions. Loren has started her own line of exquisite jewelry collections, Loren Jewels and Yours. It has given her a huge level of popularity. Here is all you need to know about Loren and her professional life.

Bio and Early Life

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 Loren was born on November 21st, 1968 in Queens NY. She is 52 years old currently. When she was only 16 she moved to North Carolina. She was doing her professional work and studies side by side. Her parents always supported her during her endeavors. She started working as a clerk to get rid of the financial issues that she was having during her teenage days.


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Loren is a sensation in the beauty industry. She has changed the face of the beauty and Internet shopping industries for the past two decades. Her style and sophistication have helped her become one of the leading trendsetters of today. You will not be surprised to know that she was included in Vogue’s Top 100 list of influential women. She was also selected by Haute Living Magazine and has become one of the most influential people of New York and Miami. Loren received the Women of Substance and Style award from Fashion Group in 2009. She continues to give her contributions to the fashion and beauty industries all these years.

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Loren has been getting outstanding accomplishments in business. The media has recognized her work as she is named as Woman Extraordinaire in 2010. She also leads the list of Top 50 Entrepreneurs by Business Leader magazine.No one can deny her passion to help the poor and needy. She has been involved in many charitable causes such as Rally for Kids with Cancer.

Eva Longoria has collaborated with her in all her adventures. She is also working with the American Heart Association. They awarded her with the Big Heart Humanitarian Award, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Jennifer Lopez Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, and many others.

Real Estate

Loren got married to JR and they have been going strong since then. They paid $6 million for a large mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut. As of now, the couple resides in the Greenwich mansion that they have purchased for $17.5 million. The property is spread on 5.34-acre while the couple also owns another mansion in New York that is worth $20 million.

Personal life and Net Worth

The total net worth of Loren happens to be around $300.She is one of the richest businesswomen and leads a luxurious life. Loren got married to JR Ridinger and they are very much in love. She is also active on social media and her fans like to know all about her.

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