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Supermarket Stakeout To Come Back With A New Season

The lockdown has made many people interested in cooking and this is why people are looking forward to cooking shows more. Many people are stepping into the kitchen to prepare their favorite dishes and their best source of taking new recipes is cooking shows. If you are interested in cooking shows that you are in luck.  Food Network will be coming back with a new season of Supermarket Stakeout.

What are the latest details on Supermarket Stakeout?

The competitive food reality shows Super Market Stakeout made its debut on Food Network in 2019. The second season of the show released in early 2020. The Food Network will be releasing the third season of the show very soon. The new season is set to premiere in the last week of December.

Supermarket Stakeout: What is it about?

Supermarket Stakeout is one of the most popular and best cooking shows in the current situation of the pandemic. The show features four chefs who negotiate with the customers that come to the supermarket to buy what they have in their bags for $500. The task of the participants is to prepare delicious dishes that are made with limited ingredients. They also have a limited budget and must prepare these dishes with the available ingredients only. The show is shot in a parking spot of a supermarket and there is a booth where each participant has to cook.

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What is the game format of Supermarket Stakeout?

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Supermarket Stakeout is an entertaining cooking show and the participants have to go through three rounds to win the challenge. The contestants are provided with $500 at the beginning. In every round, the contestants have restrictions on their shopping and budget. The host of the show assigns a theme for the contestants in each round.

The chefs are given the task of preparing three servings of their dishes. Two of the servings are given to the judges and one of the plates is the ‘beauty plate.’ The judges evaluate the dishes depending on their own taste and also consider the presentation and relevance to the theme of the show.

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About Supermarket Stakeout

Alex Guarnaschelli who has been a part of Iron Chef and Chopped will be coming back as a host for the third season of Supermarket Stakeout. The panel of judges will include Antonia LaFaso, Eddie Jackson, and Aarti Sequiera. All these judges will be returning to the show in the third season of Supermarket Stakeout. Supermarket Stakeout season three premieres will premiere on December 29th, 2020, at 10 pm.

Supermarket Stakeout is a cooking contest show that airs on the Food Network. The show requires the contestants to cook themed dishes on a limited budget. The chefs have to go through three rounds and they are evaluated on the dishes that they make on a limited budget. The judges select one winner and that winner becomes the winner of the show. If you love watching cooking shows then you can catch Supermarket Stakeout on Food Network.

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