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Kumkum Bhagya 10th February 2020 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ranbir and Rhea returning. Ranbir asks what is taking place? Pallavi asks him ahead and claims don’t speak with Prachi. Ranbir states I knew that she is coming here. Aaliya asks does that suggest you are both in touch. Meera claims she protests you. Ranbir claims she protests me infront of the globe, not in reality. Rhea says Prachi is with him, he informed just today. Abhi says I familiarized when I saw her mishap. Ranbir asks if she is great? Prachi says yes. She informs that she is on Ranbir’s side as well as knows that he is innocent.

She informs that Maya tried to devote self-destruction infront of the workplace and told her that she will obtain him strenuous penalty. She informs that she acted to sustain Maya so that she can recognize her approach and also can conserve Ranbir from her conspiracy theory. A fb is revealed, Prachi informs exactly how she saved Maya, and then taking help from Saloni. She informs that Maya has admitted that she lied for cash in anger when being provoked. Ranbir asks her to reveal the recording and also states he will certainly use TELEVISION. He turns on the TELEVISION and sees some other video clip of Maya in which she is giving thanks to Prachi. Everybody is stunned. Rhea tells Aaliya that she did Prachi’s accident and transformed the video in Prachi’s phone. Pallavi asks Prachi if she will show this video clip. Prachi states I didn’t make this video.

Aaliya says I am terrified if this video is located by Authorities then what will certainly occur with Ranbir. Abhi claims may be someone changed the video while of mishap. Pallavi claims just how can this happen. Rhea asks her if she is acting to be with Ranbir. Aaliya claims I can not think this that somebody alters the video on a busy roadway. She claims they shall not rely on Prachi and also states maybe she came right here for a conspiracy. Prachi obtains pain and goes.

Ranbir goes behind her. Abhi scolds Aaliya and also tells that he makes sure that Prachi is with Ranbir, although the video clip is not located. Prachi sits in the cab. Ranbir sits in the cabby as well as pays the minimum fare to the driver and also they come down. Prachi informs that she fell short in front of everyone. She states I can have helped you and also tells that Maya’s mishap was fake. She sobs and condemns herself.

Ranbir asks her not to weep else people will think that guy is making his partner cry. Prachi says nobody will certainly state. Ranbir tells her that you can not believe like Maya as you are not negative like her, yet great. He claims when my family members familiarized about the truth after that he will be fine. He claims they like me and also will enjoy you also. Prachi says she is feeling like weeping and also asks what to do. Ranbir states I have a trick to make you pleased and asks her to laugh. He asks her not to do chic and also states he will certainly take her to a location where he made use of to go when lonesome. He claims I never ever took any individual there. Prachi agrees. They sit in the automobile.

Rhea informs Aaliya that she will get caught by Ranbir today. She states in some way you managed when Father sees us with money. Abhi remembering seeing Maya’s car. Rhea informs Aaliya that she was afraid that Daddy will know the truth, says she drove Maya’s vehicle. She tells that Saloni saw her. Aaliya asks her not to visit college for few days. Abhi thinks he has seen her and will certainly not leave her. he concerns Rhea’s area and also informs that he knows about accident and will not leave someone.

Ranbir brings Prachi to have icecream and also speak with the icecream shop individual. The guy tells that the unseasonable rainfall comes when something unusual takes place. Ranbir thinks he never ever thought that he will like Prachi. Prachi suches as the icecream. The person states Ranbir came here on his 15th birthday celebration additionally and also came alone constantly. He inquires to be with each other and never be sad. Ranbir asks Prachi regarding her sweetheart. Prachi says she never ever had any boyfriends. Ranbir states I understand you and like you understand and also asks her to inform. She calls him baklu as well as escapes. He follows her.

Abhi states if I tell Vikram’s family members then what they would certainly have thought. Aaliya asks him to pay attention to her. He holds rhea’s hand as well as is taking her. Rhea asks why you are obtaining me caught. Abhi says why I will certainly get you captured and also informs that he had actually seen Maya. He tells that there was someone else with Maya. He asks her to come with him to Maya’s residence as well as says I will challenge her. Rhea obtains afraid and also informs that she fell down from the stairs today and also is injured. Abhi asks her to be in the house as well as informs that he will not leave Maya for doing Prachi’s accident. Aaliya claims we do not recognize where she stays? Abhi claims he knows.

Prachi and Ranbir are in the car. Prachi claims I have actually won in the race. Ranbir claims we both ran and it was not race. He states you really did not provide any kind of guidelines. Prachi says life is race as well as it don’t come with directions. Ranbir states we understand what we will certainly do when we shed and when we win. Prachi wagers with him to run as well as says she will certainly win. Ranbir asks if she will make him eat icecream if he wins.

He states he is a football gamer and also will certainly run faster. He asks the icecream vendor to let her win and holds his coat. Ranbir claims ok as well as informs that he needs to go to lose, and make her win. Prachi wins as well as gets pleased. She tells that she utilized to win in every competition in Hoshiarpur. Prachi slaps happily. Ranbir appreciates her as she enters enjoyment. Prachi claims I have won as well as claims their proportion is 2:0. She asks him to find as well as sit in cars and truck. He wears safety belt.

In the space, Rhea informs that contrary point is occurring. She informs that she believed that Prachi will certainly break Ranbir, however she is trusting him more. She assumed Ranbir will certainly quit her, however that is not occurring. She states Prachi befriended Maya to conserve Ranbir. She claims whatever I shall do is done by me and I am feeling that I am wrong and feels so bad. Aaliya says you are okay, we need to become poor to take care of negative people.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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