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Playism Does A Surprise Launch of Gnosia On Steam

Playism held Playism Game show live stream today. The fans of Playism were excited about the live stream. The live stream event was not the only surprise the fans got. Playism launched Gnosia on Steam and this left the fans of the game developers surprised. We have gathered all the updates about Gnosia. Read the following post to know more about Gnosia.

Gnosia Got A Surprise Release On Steam

Playism surprised the fans of Gnosia and launch it on Steam. The Steam users can now play the game on Steam. You can play the game online or download it offline to play later. The video game had already been out on PS Vita in 2019. Gnosia was also released on Switch last March. Sue to the success of Gnosia the company has been hinting about a PC version of the game as well.

The latest we hear is that the video game might head out on the PC later this year. The game developers surprised the fans by the surprise release of the game on Steam. The fans of Gnosia can now purchase the video game on the Steam platform. You can also check out more about the game by watching the Switch trailer of Gnosia.

Gnosia: What is it about?

Gnosia is a Sci-Fi Social Deduction RPG game. The players can engage in discussion with a variety of unique characters while playing the game. The aim of the players will be to identify the Gnosia among the group of characters. The players will be using the information that they gather during the discussions to find out where Gnosia is. Then they will cast votes to put the monsters into cold sleep.

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As you progress, the abilities of the players will improve. The same will be the case with those in the crew. The members of the crew and Gnosia, become increasingly difficult to determine. It will also be hard to identify that who is telling the truth. The players will work in collaboration with or against other crew members. The players will have to ensure their survival until the end.

Gnosia: Gameplay

  • The players will repeatedly play through “loops”. They will be triggering special events and will reveal the mysteries in a uniquely original narrative. There will be certain events that will allow the players to unlock new commands. You can use these commands during discussions.
  • Step into a variety of roles and you can take on the role of different character builds. The stats of the players will determine how effectively they can sway the group’s opinion. They can also lie and change their opinions as this will affect your chances of being selected for the cold sleep.
  • The players can engage with an eclectic cast of characters. You will be able to experience the events that will be randomly triggered. Each one of the events will be unique to its subject. You will also experience the character events and will reveal information about your crewmates. The revelation will be in the form of special “Notes”.
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