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Kei Sato Net Worth, Age, Death, Bio, Salary, Relationships & More

Kei Sato is a prominent actor and narrator who have made a big name for himself in the industry. Till his death, he has done a lot of work and still inspires new actors to do their best. He has worked with many new and old Japanese directors and done several films too. You will not be surprised to know that he has done many films, TV shows, and even documentaries. He has got many big awards for portraying his roles with perfection. His most noteworthy work has been for the Ceremony and Nihon no akuryō. He has won prestigious Kinema Junpo awards for the same.

Early Life, Bio, and Death

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Kei Sato was born on December 21st, 1928 in Japan. His fans were disappointed and sad as he died on May 2nd; 2010. He died at the age of 82 but remained active in his career till the very end. From his young age, he wanted to become a narrator and an actor. Since the time he entered the industry, he started working hard without any help. Even though he was from a middle-class family he worked hard in earning money and pursuing his career.

Career and Success

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Kei has a long career and he has done many important films and TV shows. His working career has been huge and he has given a lot of hits throughout. The way he gives breathtaking performances adds a lot to the scenes and characters he plays. All the fans love and respect him as he is known for his work with Japanese New Wave director Nagisa Oshima. He has worked with the top class directors Kaneto Shindo, Onibaba, and Kuroneko. Winning the best actor award from Kinema Junpo for all his films has been a big achievement. The Ceremony and Nihon no akuryō have been one of his greatest films. If this isn’t enough he has also worked as a narrator for many documentaries that are comprehensive.

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Achievements and success

During his early days as an actor, he had to support himself professionally by producing gariban hand-written mimeographs. Even when he got all the success as an actor and narrator he maintained his interest in hand-printing. It is like a skill that he kept working on till the end of his life.  He appeared in many films but Daydream created some controversies.

His fans were rather disappointed when he thought about performing an unsimulated sex scene with actress Kyoko Aizome. Being the mainstream actor and getting involved in performing for a hardcore film made a lot of headlines. The good and bad press coverage brought everything in limelight. If we talk about the audience they couldn’t stop them from going to the cinema.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Kei happens to be around $150,000 – $350,000.he has received all this income from his successful career. Till his death, he impressed one and all with his acting and narrating skills. Many actors from different parts of the world kept pouring in their tributes when he died.

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