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WPX Hosting Review 2022: Why You Should Buy Hosting From WPX?

If you are looking to buy hosting from WPX then you should read this article first as I have reviewed the WPX hosting and have also mentioned why you should buy it.


Today there are many web hosting companies which offer great deals and services but the catch is if you don’t review the web hosting company then you may end up with a bad service which will destroy your website performance. So it is very important to choose the right web hosting for your blog and website.

Why buy the best web hosting known as WPX Hosting?

If you are a beginner then you must have this question flashing why it is important to buy best web hosting.

The answer to this is that your website performance entirely depends on the web hosting service as your site will load faster than other then you have a good chance of getting more traffic then your competition.

The most common problem you will face when you go for cheap web hosting is in random times your website will get down which affects the user experience negatively and will lead to traffic loss.

The other important factor necessary to look for in web hosting is the speed of the website. the load time of a blog totally depends on the web servers on which your website is running.

The load time should be at least 1-2 seconds for a blog to load otherwise your blog will not get its potential traffic.

WPX Hosting

Wpx hosting is a world-class web hosting provider. It is one of the trusted and recommended hosting company to start the blogging journey. What makes wpx hosting different from others is its awesome services and affordable price.

But all WordPress users and Bloggers can’t afford buy hosting from WPX Hosting but thanks to the WPX coupon, the user that can’t afford buy hosting can grab a huge discount right today.

WPX Hosting Speed Test

Wpx hosting is very fast than other web hosting providers. The average speed of wpx hosting with the theme is 1.9 seconds and the speed of the same theme on other web hosting service is 3.2 seconds.

This split of seconds can create a huge difference in the success of your blog. The studies have shown that seconds can make you successful or failure. The e-commerce website Walmart has said that their conversion rate goes through the drastic increase and decrease due to the speed of the website. if the website is loading 1 second lower then they observe a decrease in the conversion rate so they try to keep the loading time as low as possible to increase the conversion rate.

Now let’s have a look at the features of wpx hosting

Features of WPX Hosting

1. speed

Wpx hosting is considered one of the fastest web hosting with a speed of 1.9 seconds which is good enough with the affordable price. the reason to make your blog faster is that when someone will click on your website link then he/she should see the website immediately without any wait. So the user can get what he was looking for. This will create a positive experience of the website and will build trust which will benefit you with loyal visitors.

If you are having e-commerce website then making your blog fasters is necessary to get you more conversion rate and get good profit.

2. Regular Backup

In most of the web hosting services, you will not get the backup service which is very important to do because you may face hack and then you can retrieve your website form the backup so you don’t have to spend lots of money on retrieving your website from the professional. Wpx hosting offers you to daily backup of your website which is stored to a different server for the protection of your backup file. The backup files are stored for 14 days in the servers. you can also do a backup and save the file on your system.

3. 30 days Money Back Guaranteed

In most of the time, we end up buying the wrong product or later realizing that it is not fit for our needs and start regretting of the bad choice. So wpx hosting offers you a 30 days money back guarantee from which you can test the service and if you don’t like or feel not satisfied with the service then you can get all your money back.

4. Free Website Migration

If you want to migrate your website from older web hosting to a new one you will be charged some amount to do it. so feel blessed because in wpx hosting you don’t have to pay any money to migrate your website from other hosting to the wpx servers. the wpx developers will migrate all your files to their server within 24 hours for free and then you can enjoy the best services of wpx hosting.

5. Free SSL Certificate

Whenever you visit any website then you will see a lock symbol on the left of the address bar which means your data is safe in this website and if you see an unlocked symbol with a warning then the website should not be safe to surf.

This happens because of the SSL certificate. The website has this certificate to ensure the trust of its visitors and they can freely surf on your website. the SSL certificate can be purchased from any registrar which will cost you some money but wpx hosting is providing you free SSL certificate for your website. this will save you a lot of money and will make your website genuine.

6. One-Click WordPress

In wpx hosting, you have the option of once click WordPress install at the time of start to manage your websites. You don’t have to put a lot of programming efforts to install the WordPress management system on your admin panel just press the install button and enjoy.

Final words on WPX Hosting

Running a blog is a serious business and if you are serious in blogging then you should go for WPX Hosting as it is recommended by many experts and have a higher chance of getting your website success.

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Teodora Torrendo
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