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Kenny Omega Tops PWI 500 List 2021 Leaving Behind Roman Reigns

There’s great news coming from WWE world as the new PWI 500 list for 2021 is released. AEW World Champion Kenny Omega tops the list with number one ranking this year. Pro wrestling illustrated has released this list and he seems to be the hot favorite among all. Busted Open Radio is a prominent radio show where this news was announced first. Many fans have been predicting that he will certainly top the list. Everyone’s speculations are finally proved right. With all the breathtaking performances he is a clear winner in everyone’s eyes. Here is more to this story:

Kenny Tops the PWI 500 List

kenny 2

Kenny Omega has topped the list of PWI 500 this year. If we talk about the previous year he was ranked #13. The list for 2020 has been interesting as John Moxley topped the list. He was ranked number eight in the list of 2019 but Seth Rollins topped that year. It is not surprising that Omega ranked number one in 2018 as well. Here is the top 10 from the list this year:

  • AEW World & AAA Mega Champion Kenny Omega
  • WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns
  • WWE Champion Bobby Lashley
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Kota Ibushi
  • Jon Moxley
  • RevPro British Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay
  • Finn Balor
  • IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Shingo Takagi
  • Rich Swann

There is a heated conversation going on among fans as their favorite Roman couldn’t take the first spot. However all the fans of Omega are elevated and feel satisfied with this ranking .A fan tweeted and made a comment on how Roman Reigns lost the top spot. Here is what the official website of pro wrestling illustrated has to say: “Worth noting that we did still have a debate, and Roman would’ve been #1 in just about any other year. But this year belongs to Kenny’’.

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Kevin Owens Joins AEW


The Young Bucks has great news to share. Fans have been waiting for an update about Kevin Owens and he seems to have a big clue. There are a lot of rumors going around that he will be joining AEW very soon. It is also evident from the recent posts of Kevin especially when he posted ‘Almost there’. Many people believe that it is interesting as Mount Rushmore is PWG stable that features Kevin, the bucks and Adam Cole. This group was formed when he signed up with WWE in 2014.

In another update the Young Bucks have also updated their bio on social media stating the locations as ‘There’. It also refers to the location of Kevin that has further fueled these rumors. On Tuesday night it was reported that Kevin’s contract with WWE is about to end in 2022 January. According to his last interview in 2018 he has resigned a deal with them for about five years. However new rumors suggest this his contract is cut short. Fans have been curious to know what Kevin has planned for his future.

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