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Gacha Club: Release Date, Platforms, Characters and All You Need To Know

Gacha Club is a newly released game by Lunime and it has been getting positive responses from gamers all around the globe. The game has some exciting features and the developers have decided to add some more features to the game after getting the feedback from the gamers. If you haven’t downloaded the game as yet then you must give it a try as it is entertaining and fun. If you are curious about Gacha Club and are looking for answers to your questions regarding the game then this post would be useful for you. Read on to know about the features, release date, platforms, and all other information about Gacha Club.

What are the changes made to Gacha Club?

According to the official website of the developers of Gacha Club will be coming with the following exciting changes and up gradation:

  • New events added to the battle mode and world mode
  • The gamers will be allowed to customize the members in their community
  • The studio mode feature has been added
  • Various presets that can be shared with friends and gamers
  • The studio model will consist of 10 new characters
  • The pets in the game can talk and you can also customize their appearances
  • New and improved accessories

What are the features of the Gacha Club?

gacha club

The developers of the game have announced some new features that will be implemented in the game. The following are the features that will help the gamers to explore the Gacha world:

  • 100 characters can be customized and you don’t have to pay any price for that
  • The story mode will have battle monsters
  • The DJ shutdown mode will have rhythm songs
  • There are over 200 pets available for customization
  • The pets can be customized in different colors
  • The characters can be styled and customized into a new avatar
  • Mini-games are offered that will help you to unlock various levels

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What are the major characters in the Gacha Club?

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The main characters in Gacha Clubs are as follows:

  • Yuni Ramunade
  • Rinrin Ramunade
  • Wikki TeaCaku
  • Poppy CakuPop
  • Commander Fierin
  • Manami Lin
  • Yuna Senpaibuns
  • Radd Radd
  • 1tz_Kal3m Crydiaa
  • Leon 1chi
  • Muu Nekomuu
  • Hotaru Emiko
  • Rose Mort

Is there a Gacha Club 2 coming out?

Gacha Club was supposed to come out as a sequel series but the developers have now decided to release it as a full version. The game is packed with new features and will entertain gamers. The game is released for Android and will be later released for iOS and PC as well.

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What is the release date of the Gacha Club?

Gacha Club has already been released on 29th June 2020. The game has been released on Android and will later release on iOS. The fully developed version of the Gacha Club will release for the Windows platform as well. The release of the Windows version will take some time to release so the fans that play the game on Windows will have to wait for a little while. The Windows version of the Gacha Club will be releasing sometime in 2021 or 2022.

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