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Black Clover Chapter 251 Delayed, Spoilers and Other Details

Black Clover releases a new chapter every week and in this post we will tell you about the release date of the chapter, a few spoilers, and other details that a fan of black clover is curious about. New spoilers have been released about the Black Clover Chapter 251 and it is giving us a hint about what the next chapter holds for us.

What are the new spoilers of Black Clover Chapter 251?

The Dark disciples have made a comeback and their powers seem to be stronger than ever. They have greater plans to spoil and damage the human world. Noelle seems to be in great trouble because Vanica has plans to beat her and others. There has been another interesting spoiler that is making all the fans shocked and astonished. It will be revealed that Lolo has a deep connection with Vanica’s eye patch. These are the spoilers that have been released and it seems like more updates can only be found by reading the next chapter.

Is Black clover worth watching?

Black Clover has an intriguing storyline and has kept the fans on their toes. The story is fast-paced and can make fans exciting as they watch the chapters one by one. The series is worth watching but it is only suitable for people who love watching long series. When the series was originally released it was supposed to have 100 plus chapters but now it has been extended to 250 plus chapters. The fairytale is enjoyable and will be a great watch for all the people who love fantasy thrillers. It is the perfect anime series to discuss with your friends because it has so much fun to discuss.

Does Asta become Wizard King?

Yuno will become the Wizard King at first but he gets harmed by some enemy and Asta takes over the position as the Wizard King. When Yami gets promoted Asta will be taking over the position of black bulls’ captain. Asta and Yuno aim to become the king and become rivals.

What happened previously in Black Clover Chapters?

The dark disciples burn the forest and people of the town are worried that the fire would reach their homes. Charmy who lives in the town finds Halbert and tells him to stop the fire. He rejects her request and Charmy in return takes away his magic large sheep. She also takes Halbert’s hair which has a magical effect and helps to save her forest. Both of them have a fight and Charmy ends up beating Halbert. Halbert gets disappointed because he always thought that he had magical powers and could beat anyone.

When is Black Clover Chapter 251 going to release?

Black Clover Chapter 251 release date is 24 May 2020. It was rumored that the anime might get delayed due to coronavirus. The good news is that the schedule of the release is still on track and we will be getting the new chapter on time. Other series got delayed due to the pandemic but the fans of Black Clover can breathe calmly because they will get be getting the new Chapter on the scheduled date.

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