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Josh Hawley Net Worth, Early Life, Bio, Political Career & More

Josh Hawley is an American politician and is known to be the richest person. He has been elected to become the US senate and has defeated Claire McCaskill by a huge margin in 2018. Josh is known for his hard work and dealing with all the political matters very well. Recently he has disclosed his financial assets that are in the range of $500,000 to $1.7 million. He has some liabilities too and if we remove them they assets are still massive. Here is all you need to know about Josh Hawley.


Early Life and Bio

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Josh was born on December 31st, 1979 in Arkansas but the family later moved to Missouri. His father has worked in the finance and banking sector while his mother was a teacher. Even though he belonged to a simple household he wanted to become a politician. Luck favored him and his parents’ support was always there for him. He graduated from Stanford University and got good grades. As he was interested in pursuing a degree as a Juris doctor he went to Yale Law School. Once he was done with his law school he started working as a lawyer for the US court of appeal judge. He later went on to become a lawyer for Chief justice John Roberts.

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Political career

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In 2016 Josh wanted to become the Attorney General of Missouri as he had already worked as a lawyer. Due to his popularity, he was elected in the Republican primary and also won the general election. Josh also served as an Attorney General from 2017-2019. He worked against the Affordable Care Act and after the appeal, it was dissolved. Josh was elected as the US Senate and defeated Claire McCaskill by a huge margin. He has diligently worked while dealing with political matters. If this isn’t enough he has been taking care of manufacturers and tech companies like Google so they can operate efficiently in their respective fields.

Trump Riots

As Josh had a different point of view regarding many issues he always had problems with Trump. Even though he was criticized he didn’t shy away from speaking his mind. There were opponents who wanted him to be out of the Senate seats and things were heating up. However, when the riots of people became low intensity he started objecting to all such things once again.

Personal Life

Josh met his wife when they both were working as a clerk for John Roberts. He and his wife Erin Morrow liked each other instantly and the relationship turned into a blissful marriage. They are still going strong and there are rumors of a breakup either. The couples got married in 2010 and have got three children together. If we talk about his wealth the total net worth of Josh happens to be $1.1 million that is massive. He is one of the richest politicians and leads a lavish life with his family. Josh and his wife like to help the poor and needy so they have been involved with a lot of charity organizations together.

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