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Tamilrockers: Aswathama (2020) Full movie leaked Hindi Dubbed online

Aswathama is a Telugu language movie that has been dubbed in Hindi for all movie lovers. It was released online on Tamilrockers a few days before the release. The producer of the movie is devastated and trying to stop the illegal spread of downloads but till now nothing is going on in his favor. The film has been directed by Ramana Teja and in a recent interview, he has also shown his concern because of the pirated links. The fans of the movie are also not happy because Tamilrockers have released the film online just before the actual release date which will hinder a good box office profit too. Some of them reported and protested against the torrent site but it has been going strong as there are so many hidden domains that are difficult to catch.

Aswathama story and its review

The story of Aswathama has been written very well but the plot has nothing new to offer. It revolves around the life of the protagonist who is on the lookout for a serial murderer. We have seen this story in several movies before so we have to wait and see how the making of the film has been done. The director Ramana has done a good job though he is a new director and doesn’t have much of experience. The fight sequences in the movie are done well and we can expect some emotional scenes as well. However, we will wait and see how the love story will develop between the leads. The love story and the chemistry of a couple is the USP of any good film so we are sure the producer must have taken good care of it. According to some latest buzz, the story of the film is based on a real-life incident.

Cast and crew

The lead cast of the film consists of Naga Shaurya, Mehreen Pirzada, and Sargun Kaur and they all have done a great job in the film. We can expect some exciting performances from them. The film is of 2 hours and 22 minutes and you will be on a fun ride throughout these hours.

IRA creations are the banner under which the movie has been made. There are some people who may not like over the top action in the movie.

Aswathama receiving positive reviews

Since the time the trailers, songs and posters of the film have been released the film has been getting a positive response from people. The satellite rights have been sold at 31 crore the only problem is Tamil rockers which has released the film online. Tamilrockers have become a very notorious site and are a hub of movies of all languages. Piracy is on the rise and their site is flourishing every day. Repeated orders have been made by the Government but the site owners are in no mood to listen to anything.

Is it possible to ban sites like Tamilrockers?

Many people must be confused and asking the same question again and again but sadly the answer is not positive. There is no way a torrent site like Tamilrockers can be banned easily. They have a huge market online and many people are downloading the links every day. If people make an effort then maybe something can go in the favor and the piracy can be stopped. There are many sites on the internet that have been leaking links for downloads so we have to make sure each of them is stopped but that seems like a distant dream for now. Let’s hope someday we can get rid of piracy till then try to watch every movie in the cinema.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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