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Reasons Why Underground Is Still A Must Watch

Underground is a thrilling drama that revolves around slavery escape and many people believed that the series was too short and they still miss it. The first season of the show was premiered back in 2016 on WGN America and after that, a short season two also arrived. It is a memorable show where so many interesting factors are loved by people. Black audiences in general have loved it as this show also features their history in an efficient way. The series is based on a true story and after 12 years a slave was released. Today we will be discussing why underground is still a must-watch.


underground 2

Underground is one of those series where all the characters are very well written and mysterious at the same time. You can see the characters and laugh, cry, or become sad with them. All of them have distinct ideas, thoughts, and personalities. Green and the team have worked really hard in writing the best of characters and that is why each one of them is so interesting. Rosalee and Noah are naïve but captivating characters while Cato juggles between his duties very well.


underground 3

The suspense factor in Underground is top-notch and even danger is packed into the script like never before. You will see that Noah and his friends are continuously running away to save their lives. Cato is a surprising character and every time you will be moved away with the kind of decisions he makes. The show deals with a particular era and to create such realistic settings is a big deal in itself.

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underground 4

No doubt the performances are what makes or breaks a film and this is where Underground wins it all. The performances of all the actors are so good that you will be completely lost in their world. Everything will seem real and you will laugh and cry with them. Aisha Hinda delivers breathtaking performance while Smollett-Bell is another great performer who almost grabs all the limelight. Once you watch the show yourself you will realize how good all the performances are.

The music

underground 5

The music of the show has become the talk of the town as soon as it was released. The background score features modern, rock, EDM, and soul music all at once. Artists like Weeknd and Kayne west have given their heart and soul to produce one of the best music of all time. It goes well with the theme and flow of Undergrounds. If you haven’t tried the series yet you should do it by now as it is something which shouldn’t be missed. The music represents the heroic US stories and music happens to be an integral part of the series.

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True to life events

underground 6

All the choices that the characters make in this series are a result of the awful happening and the circumstances surrounding them. There are some scenes where the characters decided to end their life happens to be the most memorable scenes out there. The bonding of all the children is another interesting thing to look for. How slavery affects people or how it changes their life and the decisions are something you will not be able to forget. Loads of research have been done before the making of the series and this is where it will stand out among the crowd.

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