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Jim Neidhart Net Worth, Career, Personal Life, Relationships & More

Jim Neidhart was a professional wrestler who has gained a lot of name, fame, and fortune. The news of his death came as a shock for many as he died in August 2018. He has been a part of ‘The Hart Foundation’ and helped the new wrestlers gain skills. You will not be surprised to know that he has been a professional player in the ring for more than 25 years. Let’s discuss more this talented wrestler and give him a tribute.

Bio and Early Life

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Jim was born on February 8th, 1955 in Tampa; Florida. He attended Newport harbor high school in Orange County. During his school years, he was efficient in sports and got the chance to represent his school at a domestic level. He has played and practiced with teams like Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys. He wanted to pursue wrestling as his skills were evident since inception. His friends and family always supported him for all the endeavors and that’s how he gained success. Jim has a good height of six feet and two inches.

Career and Success

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Jim started his wrestling game with a lot of success and gained championships over the years. He was given the stage name Anvil because of his wrestling skills and also he dominated the contest by the same name. Jim got a chance to wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling and Georgia Championship wrestling. He has been working with the continental wrestling association since 1984. The young wrestlers look up to him for improving their game and win championships.

He is known as the king of the ring and has beaten many opponents. Jim has been a part of winning championships including Florida, Memphis Championship Wrestling, and Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation. The list also includes Mid-South Wrestling, Professional Wrestling Federation, Pro Wrestling Ohio, Stampede Wrestling, and Universal Wrestling Alliance.

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Personal Life and Death

Jim died on August 13th, 2018 at the age of 63. Not many people know that the real cause of his death was an accidental fall. All the fans were sad to know that he fell down and hit his head while he was at his home. The injury was severe and that led to his death. However, things are clear and no sign of murder or foul play is the reason for death. His personal life always had some ups and downs. He got married to Joy but they got divorced after a few years while his second wife was Ellie Hart. They both were married till the time of his death and they are blessed with three daughters. All his daughters are professionals and have got a lot of name and fame.

Net Worth

The total Net worth of James is $500 thousand and he was leading a good lifestyle. Jim was known to be close to her daughters. His major source of income has been the wrestling career. Throughout his career, he got huge success and also starred on television for the same. He has made a lot of special appearances on the E Reality series. Fans are always curious to know more about his wrestler and these TV appearances helped him gain even more success.

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