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Christina Applegate Net Worth, Career, Bio, Age, Relationships & More

Christina Applegate is a popular American actress and a dancer. She has gained all this success with her skills and talent. You will be surprised to know that she started her career as a child artist and since then there is no turning back. She became one of the most prominent and recognized faces in Hollywood. Most of the fans admire her as she always picks diverse roles to entertain them. When she picks up her roles diligently there are low chances that the film doesn’t work at the box-office. If you want to know more about Christina and her personal or professional life let’s take a look below.

Early Life and Career

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Christina was born on November 25th, 1971, and she is 29 years old currently. She was born and raised in California and belongs to a middle-class household. You will be surprised to know that Christina was born and raised in a family that belonged to the entertainment industry. Many people thought that she was destined to become an actress. Her late father Bob Applegate was prominent in the music field while his mother Nancy Priddy was an actress. However, her parents had a divorce at the time she was born. Even though her mother was by her side she tried to gain name and fame in acting with her own talent.

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Christina started her career when she was only one year old. She starred in Days our lives with her mother and gained success as a cute child artist. After that, she was booked for many commercials and gained even more attention. Once she was older a lot of directors came up to her and she was lucky to choose her own type of roles. She has also given her voice to a lot of movies and TV shows. Her performances have been appreciated and she got a lot of nominations in major award functions. Prime Time Emmy Awards, Golden Globe awards are some of the most prestigious awards that gave her nominations.  Here is what she has starred in so far.

  • Father Murphy
  • Charles in Charge
  • Silver Spoons
  • Heart of the City
  • All Is Forgiven
  • Still the Beaver
  • Amazing Stories
  • Family Ties
  • Streets
  • Dance ’til Dawn
  • Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead
  • Vibrations
  • Wild Bill

Net Worth and Salary Highlights

The total net worth of Christina happens to be around $25 million. He is an actor, television producer, voice actor, and philanthropist. She has gained all this name and fame with her talent. Her annual salary is $125 thousand and she easily gains this much amount through her career. Christina paid $950,000 for purchasing a home in Hollywood Hills. Her house is one of the most expensive and lavish ones. During her peak, she was earning $125,000 for the successful series ‘Up All Night’. She likes to lead a lavish lifestyle and purchases all the luxurious items for daily use.

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