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Top 10 Most Demanding Jobs And Degrees In 2021

Let’s admit it choosing a career path is not a piece of cake. No one enjoys spending years and valuable money to find the employment ratio in the pursued field, which is minimal. However, the global coronavirus pandemic has affected the job landscape drastically. Many businesses stopped the recruitment process and instead were laying off their employees. Nevertheless, after months of challenges, many sectors are opening back up their employment opportunities.

Certain professions would see more growth than others due to social and economic factors. For this reason, it is imperative to keep track of the trend of the job market. According to research studies, the future seems bright for the medical and tech sectors. Below is the list of 10 top in-demand careers in 2021:


With an increase in healthcare and social services, social workers’ demand is also growing. These professionals help people addressing and managing problems effectively in their everyday lives. Social workers typically perform the following duties:

  • To assess patients’ situations, needs, and interests.
  • To help their patients adapt to changes and problems.
  • Collaborate with other healthcare service providers to devise a treatment plan.
  • Respond to crisis intervention.
  • Ensures that all medical records comply with legal requirements.

Some students find it hard to complete their degrees in a classroom setting due to their responsibilities or any other commitments. However, these challenges must not stop ambitious students from pursuing their dream careers. Students can pursue a bachelor of social work online degree programs to develop skills and knowledge that would help them to serve those in need. According to BLS, social workers’ employment would grow by 13% from 2019 to 2029.


The growth of the construction sector has brought construction managers into the limelight. A construction manager is in charge of supervising and managing building projects from the start to the end. Typical job responsibilities of a construction manager are:

  • Devise cost estimate and work schedule.
  • Plan and coordinate the design processes.
  • Interpret contracts and explain them to construction workers.
  • Follow legalities and safety measures.

To qualify for this occupation, an individual must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the construction field and construction experience. The average salary for a construction manager was $95,260 per year.


It comes as no surprise that nurse practitioners are high in-demand careers in the healthcare sector. They are responsible for providing primary and acute care to their patients. Their typical job duties include:

  • Monitor and record patients’ symptoms.
  • Order and perform laboratory tests such as blood or urine tests, x-rays, etc.
  • Diagnose health problems.
  • Provide counseling to patients and their families about health problems.

An individual requires a master’s degree, a national APRN certification, and a state license. Employment in this profession is growing faster than any other occupation, 45% from 2019 to 2029.


Most businesses want to provide quality services within their budget. For this purpose, the demand for financial managers is increasing day by day. The financial manager analyzes data and provides strategies to make more profit. Their typical job duties are the following:

  • Prepare a financial statement.
  • Collaborate with top officials in making financial decisions.
  • Evaluate market trends to increase profits and identify expansion opportunities.

To become a financial manager, an individual must pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting, or finance. As per BLS, the employment for financial managers would grow by 15% from 2019-2029.


For individuals who enjoy solving problems and analyzing data, pursuing a statistician career might be the perfect fit. They are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to provide a report that would help in decision-making. The day-to-day job responsibilities of a statistician include:

  • Determine trends in data.
  • Present their reports to stakeholders.
  • Suggest business and organizational strategies.
  • Offer assistance in decision-making.

They must earn a master’s degree in mathematics, statistics, or survey methodology to advance their careers. According to BLS, the average income of statisticians was $91,190 as of May 2019, and the field would grow by 33%.


Marketing managers play a significant role in building up a positive image and upholding an organization’s reputation. They are responsible for promoting the products and services of a business. Although the job responsibilities of a marketing manager differ from company to company; however, below are the common ones:

  • Create social media campaigns.
  • Build connections with media channels.
  • Manage SEO techniques for the website.

Most employers usually hire individuals who possess a master’s degree and some experience in the marketing industry. According to BLS, individuals must have strong analytical and excellent communication skills to qualify for the marketing and advertising manager position.


Everyone around the world is enjoying the efforts of a software developer. Searching for the desired recipe, contacting friends, ordering the favorite dress, and checking bank account details, everything involves applications. These developers build software and user-friendly applications to meet the expectations of people and make their lives easier. Their routine responsibilities include:

  • Design software programs and check their efficiency.
  • Modify applications and make improvements.
  • Create reports for describing features and specifications.

Individuals looking forward to being a part of this lucrative career should earn a software engineering degree or bachelors in computer science. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects this profession’s growth by 22% by 2029.


In this tech-savvy era, it is doubtful that the need for web developers will ever get diminished. Web developers use programming languages to design websites for clients. These languages may include CSS, JavaScript, HTML, MySQL, and others. The following points describe the job duties of web developers:

  • Create high-quality content and add images.
  • Resolve issues and incorporate customer feedback.
  • Keep up-to-date with trending programming techniques.

Aspiring web developers can pursue a bachelor’s or associate degree in web development, web management, or any programming field.


Have you ever wondered how data and confidential information always remain protected all the time? Thanks to information security analysts that ensure hackers or cybercriminals don’t access private and personal information. Some of the typical job roles are:

  • Identify and inspect security breaches.
  • Create defense mechanisms and spread awareness.
  • Fix error and performs test runs on systems.

A bachelor’s degree in programming or any computer-related field is necessary to practice an information security analyst’s role. The BLS expects this profession to grow by 31%, indicating a significant increase and high demand for such professionals.


Billions of people find it hard to communicate fluently; they cannot speak or have some stuttering problem. Speech-language pathologists work with these people and assist them with speaking issues and swallowing difficulties. Their day-to-day activities include:

  • Assess the condition of patients and provide treatment
  • Assist with vocabulary and speech fluency.
  • Track the progress and teach exercises.

A master’s degree is a must-have for a speech-language pathologist. Additionally, some states also require a license to practice this job.


The latest developments in the world have resulted in a complete transformation of career choices. While the advancements will keep taking place, new roles and opportunities will continue to emerge in this era of realignment. In a nutshell, individuals need to acquire proper education and skills trending in the market to stand out and be a part of these demanding jobs.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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