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Jamie Foxx Net Worth, Age, Bio, Relationships, Career & More

Eric Marlon Bishop is a talented and award winning recording artist. He is popularly known as Jamie Foxx.  Apart from singing he is also involved in many activities in the entertainment industry. No doubt he is one of the most talented and versatile artist of his time. Being an active media personality there are a lot of people who want to know about his personal life. If you are a fan and wish to know more about him here are some details about him.

Bio and Early life

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Jamie was born on 13 December 1967 in Terrell, Texas. His parents are Darrell Bishop and Louise Annette Talley Dixon. In his childhood he lived with adoptive parents of his mother. Surprisingly he didn’t have much contact with his real parents. He considers his grandmother as an idol and has got a lot of inspiration from her. Jamie started learning piano at the age of five.  He studied the composition of musical and performing arts from United States International University. Jamie is 54 years old currently.

Relationship and personal life

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A lot of dating rumors have been going around regarding Jamie’s personal relationships. He is linked to model Dana Caprio. They were pictured together and enjoying a scrumptious meal. Before her relationship with Dana he was in a relationship with singer Sela Vave. They both were seen together leaving a nightclub in West Hollywood. However Jamie didn’t admit to any of these relationships as yet. He also clarified that he doesn’t like to hang out with young girls who are like his daughter. Apart from that he has also been in a relationship with Katie Holmes. They have been together for six long years. Jamie has two beautiful daughters and he is very close to them both. He got married to Connie Kline and they have one daughter.

Net Worth

Jamie has accomplished a lot in his career. He is a popular actor, singer and comedian. He is also actively working as a songwriter and television host. Apart from that he is a successful producer. Due to his wide range of activities he has gained a big net worth. His total net worth is around $150 million. Jamie has received a Golden globe and Oscar award too. He made history by becoming the first black lead of a Pixar film. As he is joining many upcoming movies, his net worth will see a further increase.

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Jamie has done a lot of work in the entertainment industry. Millions of fans love him and he hold many prestigious awards too. Here are some of his most prominent films and TV shows:


  • Rio
  • Horrible bosses
  • White house down
  • Annie
  • Sleepless
  • Baby driver
  • Robin Hood
  • Soul
  • All-star weekend
  • Project power
  • Day shift
  • God is a bullet

TV shows

  • Beat Shazam
  • White famous
  • Live in front of a studio audience
  • Dad stop embarrassing me
  • Jackie Robinson
  • When I was 17
  • Saturday Night live
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