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Jackass Star Tests Positive For COVID-19 At WWE Royal Rumble

The popular Jackass star Steve-O is excited to share some behind the scenes footage. He has been a part of the Royal Rumble and is quite happy with the experience. Many fans will already be aware, that he is also filming a content from YouTube channel. However the bad news is that he had to leave Royal Rumble due to COVID-19.

He tested positive and will not be a part of it anymore. Along with the cast he had to fly on a private plane to St. Louis for a special event. They took this private flight along with the winner Ronda Rousey of Women’s Rumble. Her husband Travis Browne is also a part of it. Here are more details about this story.

Steve O tests positive for COVID-19

steve 2

Steve tests positive for the COVID-19 and for now he will have to halt all the activities. He is currently making a content for his YouTube Channel. The content also features Wee Man and he was sitting along with Brock Lesnar at the restaurant.  However during all the time Steve admits he didn’t know what was happening around him. He was too drunk to understand the happenings.

After this night Steve started to have some symptoms of COVID-19. He has to follow all the protocols that WWE has placed for everyone. When he came back at the Royal Rumble he immediately tested positive. Even though they all were following strict restrictions of COVID-19, he still couldn’t escape it.  This is one of the reasons why he is not taking any photos with other wrestling stars. Due to this situation he misses out on the premier of his new movie too.

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Johnny Knoxville and Sami Zayn continue their feud

johnny 1

Now that Steve has tested positive for COVID-19, Johnny and Sami Zayn will continue their feud. The WWE superstars attended the red carpet. Sami has continued to further promote him on the social media. He is sharing all the experiences he has had on that particular day. The WWE Star Montez Ford got the chance to have an interview with Booker T. While giving this interview he openly talked about his experience with Johnny. Here is what he has to say:

“He was all game. “The cool part about it, I was telling him, ‘hey man, me and my sister used to stay up late nights to watch MTV, MTV 2, and watch Jackass and The Wild Boys, and everything.’ Like, all night, we’d see all the crazy scenarios that they did. So for me to have that moment was just like full circle, all the childhood nostalgia all the way around. But he was all game, man. He was like, ‘hey guys, if I am in there, I am in your guys’ world, don’t let up on me, I want the real thing.’ He reveals. ‘I have spent my whole entire career hurting other people.’”

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