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The benefits of having a medical marijuana card

Recently, 15 or more states have legalized the adult use of certain drugs. However, the moment a state decides to legalize cannabis use, generally, people stop opting in for their MMJ (Medical Marijuana) card. But the marijuana customers who don’t get their MMJ card are the ones missing out on several benefits.


However, the difference between recreational and medical marijuana is still relevant. But once you have your MMJ card, you can experience the following benefits.

  1. Reduced cost

When you have a medical marijuana card, it helps you to save money all through the year. It enables you to have reduced costs compared to the ones having access to recreational retail outlets. As marijuana became legalized, especially for recreational purposes in a greater number of states, the product taxes increased. If you buy cannabis daily, you might spend more cash in the future if you don’t have a card.

It is essential to know the way the cost change between recreational and medical marijuana. Many states have either exempted or lowered taxes on their cannabis purchase using an MMJ card. Recreational customers have to pay excise taxes ranging between 15% and 37% based on their state, whereas the standard taxes apply to medical marijuana products. When you pay to obtain your card, it can help you save as much as a thousand dollars throughout the year if you are buying medical cannabis products regularly. The DigiDrs medical marijuana doctors in Pennsylvania can help you to know more about it.

  1. Reduced age restrictions

The majority of states limit recreational cannabis use for adults who are either 21 or older. Marijuana consumption or possession is illegal for people who are below the specified age. But on the other hand, every state has younger patients who need to use medical marijuana for medical conditions like cancer or epilepsy. The majority of the medical marijuana program enables patients of 18 years or less to consume marijuana until they cater to every requirement.

There are certain cases when children under 18 can also have access to an MMJ card through a caregiver’s help. When you opt-in for cannabis as medicine, you want it to be accessible regardless of any age.

  1. Strong in potency in comparison to recreational

Medical marijuana patients have access to marijuana with more potency than the ones that are sold recreationally. Several retail shops selling marijuana for recreational reasons comply with particular potency restrictions as guided by the state. And a few medical patients might need an increased potency of CBD or THC based on their symptoms.

  1. It’s easy to travel out of state

The states that provide reciprocity akin to a home state can purchase and possess medical marijuana with an “out-of-state” medical marijuana card. Hence, if you are traveling and require access or plan to move out of state to visit a specialist, reciprocity might enable you to use the medical marijuana card in any other state. Make sure to research the state you are traveling to so that you know whether they will accept the “out-of-state” medical marijuana card.

These are a few advantages of having an MMJ card. Now that you are aware of the benefits, you can opt-in for one.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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