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The Best Meat Grinders in 2021 – Top Rated in Meat Grinders

One of the most important kitchen tools that a cook or housewife must provide in while aiming to cook some special examples of meat dishes is a meat grinder. Such product has several examples and types in the market nowadays. Some of its examples of very efficient when it comes to the process of grinder several pieces of meat while the other examples of such product are very dependable when it comes to the process of achieving decreased power consumption. People have more options to choose from while aiming to purchase a perfect example of such product to provide in their own kitchens.

Types of Meat Grinder

Electric Meat Grinder

This is the best option for those individuals who do not want to spend more time on the process of grinding several amounts of meat while preparing their most favorite meat dishes. This grinder for meat needs electricity in order to perform its operations and to grind several amounts of meat. It is more convenient to use this grinder in the process of cutting huge pieces of meat into small pieces since its machine is already connected to electronic features. It can perform a very reliable grinding process while its users are busy in preparing the other important ingredients to mix in an example of meat dish.

This meat grinder will never fail the expectations of sausage makers who perform meat grinding process on a regular basis. The huge manufacturers of sausage in the market nowadays can purchase this product as an additional investment for their businesses because it will make their desired grinding process more convenient and useful in all of their operations that are related to the production of sausages and other examples of processed meat products in the market. This grinder is equipped with a stainless steel grinding plate that will maintain the cleanliness of meat in the whole grinding process which was performed in its powerful grinding machine. It is more expensive compared to manual meat grinder but it’s more efficient in terms of performance.

Commercial Meat Grinder

For business establishments and manufacturers of sausages, this one of the best option to choose since it is more efficient compared to the electric meat grinders. This grinder has an ability to grind several amounts of meat which is twice higher than what an electric meat grinder can grind in just few minutes. This grinding machine is more powerful than the first two types of machines that were enumerated in this article. But just like the electric versions of this product, it also needs electricity to perform its operations and to provide maximum satisfaction to all of its users.

This meat grinder is equipped with several types of attachments that are very useful in the process of creating several examples of processed meat that are meant to be sold in the market. In terms of efficiency, this grinder could be the best competitor of electric meat grinders since it can also grind several amounts of meat without causing any destruction to the other tasks of a cook. Its grind smoothly and it does not produce unnecessary sounds while grinding several kinds of meat. However, it is more expensive than the manual and electric meat grinders that are available in the market at the present time.

Manual Meat Grinder

This example of grinder for meat is the perfect choice for those individuals who are living in isolated areas where electricity is not yet available. It is a manually operated grinding machine which needs the energy of person in order to grind several amounts of meat.

The quality and performance of this Meat Grinder is very competitive but its grinding speed could be one of the most inconvenient things that a businessman won’t like from the features of this product. Its grinding performance depends on the ability of its user to pull its handle bar for its grinding tool in a rotational motion for several times. However, this product remains the best option for those individuals who hate high electricity bills. Such product will never require a person to use several amounts of electricity while aiming to grind several amounts of meat for a very special example of meat dish to serve in dining rooms. No other examples of grinder for meat can exceed the power efficiency of this product since it does not need electricity to perform its operations and to offer its amazing advantages. This grinder is the best option for those individuals who do not grind meat on a regular basis.

How to Select the Best Meat Grinder

In the process of selecting or buying a meat grinder, a person has so many things or factors to consider while searching for the best example to purchase in the market at the present time. The first factor to consider is the power efficiency. For a person who does not grind meat on a regular basis, a grinder which uses electricity could be a very complicated option. For those people who want faster grinding process for meat, the act of purchasing an electric or commercial grinder for meat could be a great option to select.

Aside from power efficiency, another factor to consider in the process of selecting the best meat grinder (visit Comparison Chart and Buying Guide) in the market is the set of attachments that are available in its features. More attachments mean more benefits are waiting for a consumer of a grinder for meat. The presence of attachments in a certain brand of a grinder can help a person to save more money in the process of investing for such type of product.

In addition to power efficiency and attachments, a special factor that a person must consider while selecting an example of this product in the market is its future purpose in a kitchen. Is the product meant to be used on a regular basis? Is it allotted for a business? If such questions have no connections to the use of a new grinder, go for its manual version. But if such questions embody the purpose of a person for purchasing a grinder, go for electric or commercial versions since these products can work more efficiently than the manually operated one. The price, brand name and popularity could be additional examples of important factors to consider in selecting a new sample of this product in the market nowadays. What matters most in the selection process are the purpose and the quality of the options that are available.

Meat Grinders Guide

The use of a Meat Grinder is basically simple. All you have to is to assemble the entire grinder according to its manual and not forgetting to place the plate you want. Take the trimmed meat without all the connective tissues and sinew, feed all the meat unto the hopper, turn on the grinder and push the trimmed meat through it. Keep in mind that you have to use the fast setting on your grinder especially when it attached with a stand mixer. If using any brands of stand mixer like the KitchenAid, a setting of 6 to 8 speed would relatively give the best results. After all the grinding, you now got a completely ground meat.

Though the process of grinding meat is simple, you should be aware of some things first whenever you are using your Meat Grinder. It is necessary that you are aware of these things to make sure that you can take care of your equipment and make it last for a long period of time. The following are some of things that you should take note of:

Cold is the best temperature for using your Meat Grinder.

This is the most important thing that you should keep in mind when talking about grinding. When you use warm meat, this will make the meat smear on the grinder, the fat leaking out and will give the meat a cooked texture as it comes out. This texture is like those in papier-mâché a dry and pulpy texture that you would not even want to eat. Aside from the meat, you should also put your grinder as well as its parts in your freezer for about an hour prior to grinding while keeping the meat well-chilled and ready to be grounded. When making sausages, the process will take several batches of grinds. Once the first batch is done put the meat in a bowl filled with ice to keep its temperature in between grinds.

Have the meat trimmed well

Small pieces of sinew are the main reason why meat smears on your Meat Grinder and around its blade, making the blade dull. Instead of chopping your meat, you will end up pressing the meat through holes of the plate ending up in a texture that is like completely chewed up. So, to prevent these things trim your meat properly.

Watch out for smearing

Make sure that you always watch the meat when coming out of your grinder to ensure that it is coming out of every hole in little pieces and meat and fat are clearly identifiable. Once it starts coming out in one mass, looking wet and collecting on the die surface, there is a problem with your Meat Grinder. Use the “reverse” function of grinder if it has and observe is it is fixing itself. If not, disassemble the grinder, have the blade cleaned and start all over again.

Sharpness of blade is a must

Blade is the part needing utmost attention and care. Smeared meat is the result of a dull blade. Fortunately, the blade as well as the plate should be working better and better when used repeatedly. The metal tends to grind microscopically every time it is use, which makes the contact of the blade and plate tighter. Take note that a well taken care and well used grinders always grinds smoothly. When your blades tend to get dull, have it sharpened once or twice a year. For convenience you can always provide extra replacement blade that may cost a few dollars.

Have the plate kept clean

Never risk your health’s safety with letting meat drying and sticking on the blade. Make it a point to have all parts removed and washed completely after every use. Keep in mind that even stainless steel grinders may tarnish when placed on a dishwasher, making it advisable to wash the Meat Grinder in hot and soapy water and dry it carefully using a clean towel.

Grind meat from big to small dies

Since particular types of sausages need extra-fine grind, it is necessary that you will take the first batch in a larger die first then through a smaller die for the second grind. This will prevent the meat from smearing and will provide an even grind.

Have the meat for sausages salted first before grinding and for burgers after it is formed.

This will help in adding some texture on the meat. When salted before grinding, some proteins will be dissolved and will allow meat to crosslink through the tight matrix and will give a more sausage-like texture.

For the final quick tip, wad up some paper towels and have it passed through it as if you are grinding meat. Do this before taking the parts apart. Though meat will not come out on the other side, it will help in pushing the stray bits out on the Meat Grinder and will also help in cleaning out the inside part of the shaft and feed tube. This will not only help in making more better yield but will also provide easier results with the cleaning up process.

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