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Ivana Trump Net Worth, Personal Life, Early Life And More

Ivana Trump was an Olympic athlete and is a socialite and an ex-fashion model. Ivana Trump got famous for getting married to Donald Trump. The couple has divorced but was married for many years. Ivana and Donald were married from 1977 to 1992 and they have three children together.

Ivana Trump Net Worth

Ivana has an estimated net worth of $ 100 million dollars. Her net worth comes from her Olympic career and her modeling career. She later married Donald Trump and acquired a lot of money as alimony after their divorce. She is currently a businesswoman and has a clothing and jewelry line that sells products on the home shopping channel.

Early Life and Relationships


Ivana Marie Zelníčková was born on February 20, 1949, in Gottwaldov, Czechoslovakia. She was born to her father Miloš Zelníček who supported her skiing talent and helped her in her athlete career. She attended Charles University in Prague and was on the ski team there. She passed a Master’s degree in physical education from the University.

Ivana and Donald met in 1976 and got married in 1977. They became prominent figures in New York society during the 1980s. They have three children together: Donald Trump Jr. Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump. Ivana was also a major part of her husband’s company. She also served as the president of the Trump Castle Hotel and Casino.

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Divorce Settlement with Donald Trump

While the couple was still married, Ivana and Donald had planned four prenuptial agreements. According to the final agreement, Ivana was awarded $25 million in cash and was also given the mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut. She was also given a $22 million in cash payment when the Greenwich house got sold before their divorce. She was finally given a total of $650,000 for child support until her children were 18 years old. Her major assets and net worth come from the divorce settlement with Donald Trump.

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After she got divorced from Donald Trump in 1990, she established her own companies, Ivana, Inc., and Ivana Haute Couture. The companies sold clothes, jewelry, and beauty products. Her companies got popular and earned a lot of profit. The lines of clothing, jewelry, and beauty products were sold through television shopping channels. She was also a part of many multiple real estate projects that failed and were not successful.

Ivana also has a writing career and has written some books and blogs. She has written her self-help book by the name of “The Best Is Yet to Come: Coping With Divorce and Enjoying Life Again“. She also wrote an autobiography with the name of Raising Trump and also wrote about her growing up period and her childhood in a candid book. This book revealed a lot about her life and how she has lived until now. She has written several books that include:

  • “Ask Ivana” (1995-2010),
  • Lifestyle magazine “Ivana’s Living in Style”
  • “Intimate Portrait: Ivana Trump”
  • “Ivana Young Man” (2006)
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