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Moving a Mobile Home to long-distance!!!

According to statistics, around 18 million Americans live in mobile homes. This is also the reason why people are relocating more and more. But moving mobile homes is not as simple as the normal relocation process. Many people these days are preferring to have mobile homes because of the several advantages of these like reduced purchasing cost, low maintenance cost, and environmental friendliness. Also living in these homes is similar to the normal homes with air condition and heating systems and they are highly comfortable and safe to live in. And for those people who need to relocate over and over again, these homes are just the best option for them, they don’t need to pack the entire stuff into boxes and don’t need to start over the settling of their entire home and can move easily by hitching the home on the back of the truck. Is not it amazing? Yes, if you are interested to know how to move a mobile home then check out this:

Start the process by getting a permit

Remember that you can’t just relocate it whenever you want, to do it you should have a permit. So before you hire the best long-distance movers, ensure that you have the proper permits to embark on the relocation process. The rules and regulations to move it vary from state to state and country to country. You should know the rules according to the area where you are living in. Things you should know before moving:

You need to understand that a mobile home is built based on the standard of the location and can be placed at that location only. You should first get a certificate from the country treasure that will show that there is no unpaid tax on the property and second you need to get the certificate of the tile of the property that you have to submit at the state’s department of motor vehicles. Certificates need to be acquired for each territory it enters or travels through. To get the certificates you need to apply for them in advance because the entire process will take time.

Hire the right moving company

Hiring the right movers is very important else you might get puzzled in between the process. When you are asking for the moving quotes, make sure you know what is included in the quote and what is not. You know that permits are required to move a mobile home therefore you should know whether it will be the job of the movers to get permits or you have to do it by yourself or it is not included in the package. Also, know whether the quote includes leaving the lot clean or not. Also, before you hire a company, make sure it is insured and licensed. Check the ratings and reviews at the better business bureau.

Preparing the home to relocate

When you got all the permits and hire the best suitable movers for the job then it is time to prepare the home for relocation. To do it start with turning off all the utilities such as water, gas, and electricity. Make sure all the cables and lines are disconnected.

Prepare the driveway that should be wide enough to accommodate the home and the truck on which it is hitched. Of course, this is a basic thing in preparation but sometimes people find themselves in a problem in between the driveway when there are sharp curves present out there.

Mistakes people commit when moving 

Here are certain mistakes that people usually commit.

a.) Not asking for referrals is a big mistake that might end up choosing the wrong moving organization for you. If you know someone who has moved previously then you can ask for their experience of moving and can hire the same organization to move your mobile home.

b.) Make sure you don’t forget to call the local permit office. You should research enough to know what are permits you require like electrical, plumbing, and so on. It is recommended you call the local zoning department of the area in which you are going to relocate.

c.) Sometimes people forget to subscribe to the utilities at the new place. You should also correctly connect the utilities after relocation. Call around to know which service provider is providing services at a less cost.

d.) You should know all the park rules and regulations, ignoring these could make you fall into a big problem.

Note: In certain cases, companies need to reinstall the entire mobile home because of the different heights from the ground. So, you need to consider such needs at first.


Moving a mobile home is not as easy as it seems therefore you should not just make a decision based on any single factor. The above guide will help you to move it in the right manner so that you don’t face any problems later.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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