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Funimation Confirms The World Ends With You Anime: Release Date & Other Details

The good news arrived just yesterday as Funimation officially released a statement that confirmed the world ends with you anime will soon be releasing. The story of the anime series is adapted from an action game and surprisingly the name of the game is also the same. The trailer and PV have been released a few days ago. As all the fans are very excited they keep checking various websites on the internet so they can get all the latest gossip and news. We have gathered all the important information in this one article so you can read the details inside.

What is the plot of The world ends with you Anime?

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The story of the world ends with you is set in the modern era of Japan and they have portrayed the Shibuya shopping district in Tokyo with a lot of perfection. The style and story of the series is very unique and has got a distinct style. The story is in fact inspired by a lot of previous games that were released by Square Enix. There are some changes made according to the taste of the audience as the series cannot follow the games blindly.

The official teaser which was released on June 25th is quite interesting and it will give you an idea about the plot and characters in a better way. The series will be produced by Kazuya Ichikawa while the script is written by Midori Gotou. They all have done an amazing job and plan to bring out a good storyline for the anime lovers. Many modern technologies have been adopted for bringing out an exclusive touch in the series. It is going to be a lot different from other animes and you will see the difference when it is actually released.

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What are the names of the characters in The world ends with you?

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There are many interesting characters in the animation series but you will fall in love with Neku Sakuraba the most. He is a 15-year-old boy but he doesn’t care much about others and lives his life to the fullest. The interesting part is that from the beginning to the very end of the game he is seen wearing his headphones. Beat, Joshua, and Rhyme are his best friends and throughout his journey, he gets to learn the importance of getting close to people and spending time with them. The beat is an elder brother of Rhyme and he also happens to be the best friend of Neku. All the characters are really impressive and you will like them all.

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What is the release date of The world ends with you anime?

The world ends with you will be releasing in 2021 but the work has been going on with a full swing. Even though the exact date of release is yet to be revealed we know that it will be arriving by next year. There is an official website of Funimation and if you are interested in having more details you can visit it anytime. If you are a fan of watching interesting animes this anime will win your heart as well. The characters are also very interesting and as the story has been adapted from the game it will feature a lot of innovative factors.

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