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Is the Sink Equipped with a Mirror or a Mirror Cabinet

What is the most important component of a sink? The answer is obvious, that is the sink. So, what is the most indispensable component of the sink? In fact, it is the mirror on the sink. The purpose of washing every day is to clean and hygienic. The second is to maintain our good looks. Therefore, vanity mirrors have become an indispensable component. But this mirror is not simple either. The most important secret behind it is that different sink mirrors have different design styles.

The general types of mirrors are as follows:

1 – General Mirror

A full-face mirror is actually a choice for many family bathrooms. Such mirrors are relatively large on the whole. Is greater than or equal to the length of the entire sink. In this way, more parts can be illuminated. It is a good choice to tidy up the overall makeup.

2 – Square Mirror

Square mirrors are a common choice for many families. Many bathrooms with handwashing cabinets basically mirror like this. Of course, there are also square mirrors with separate configurations. The field of vision of this kind of mirror is relatively large.

3 – Circular Mirror

Compared with square mirrors, circular mirrors have a slightly smaller field of vision. But the biggest feature of it is the artistic sense brought by its round shape.

4 – Special-shaped Mirror

Of course, life does not need to be constrained to squareness. Sometimes some different shapes of sink mirrors will increase the design temperament of the bathroom.


The framed and frameless mirrors are also a factor that everyone considers. Basically, most people will make a choice based on shape. From a maintenance point of view, the frameless style is easier to clean and maintain than the framed style. If the material of the frame is not moisture-proof, it will deteriorate after a period of use. From an aesthetic point of view, there are more choices and changes in the frame. It has more appearance advantages.

Mirror maintenance. Mirrors generally have basic anti-fog and anti-rust functions. If the bathroom is not well ventilated or the location is humid, it is recommended to buy an anti-fog film or anti-fog agent.

Mirror size. The mirror surface is mainly round and square. The size of the washbasin can be used as a basis. It is not recommended to buy a mirror larger than the sink. That way the visual proportions are less balanced.

When purchasing bathroom mirrors, you can use distant straight objects as a reference. Observe the quality from the front, side, and back angles. Good quality mirrors have no bubbles, sundries, defects, discoloration, and spots on the appearance. When you move your line of sight, straight objects will not bend and deform.

If only one mirror is installed, it cannot be stored in this mirror. Toilet supplies will have to be stored in another place.

If the mirror cabinet is changed, the practicability will be better. Open the cabinet door, you can see that the compartments inside the mirror cabinet are quite rich. It can be used separately according to the category of the item or the items of the host and hostess. After the mirror cabinet is closed, the appearance is very neat.

For small apartment types, the mirror cabinet is the savior. Bottles and cans can be put away instead of being spread out on the sink. The contact lens is taken off and placed on the mirror cabinet, which is convenient to use. The mirror cabinet greatly increases the storage space of the toilet.

The lighting of the mirror cabinet is quite important. The most basic thing is to have mirror headlights or dome lights. Even better is parallel light. Some mirror cabinets will hide light belts up and down. That light is more of an atmospheric effect and cannot be used as the main lighting.

But sometimes the mirror cabinet feels very troublesome. Every time I take something, I have to open it and close it. When I use it up, I have to open it and close it. The mirror cabinet itself is not easy to take care of. It is better to put a shelf. If the basin is deep enough, it is OK. If the basin is deep, it is not good. It is easy to meet when washing face and brushing teeth every day. Friends who have more toilet supplies still choose mirror cabinets. This can not only look in the mirror but also contain things.

It will take more time and effort to clean the mirror cabinet. Even if the inside of the mirror cabinet does not need to be cleaned, the outside must be cleaned regularly. Nothing is perfect, it depends on what you need more.

In the era of the rapid development of technology, there are many intelligent mirrors for everyone to choose from. Everyone may remember a physics theorem. Water vapor condenses when cold. This is the root cause of the fog in the bathroom mirror. The water vapor encounters the bathroom mirror with low temperature and condenses into a layer of water mist on the surface. The surface of the mirror forms diffuse reflection and cannot reflect light normally. Causing the inability to use bathroom mirrors normally. Intelligent mirrors on the market can demist intelligently according to some principles.

Some smart mirrors are equipped with quad-core processors and support WiFi, cameras, Bluetooth, and external functions. When you start this smart mirror, you can see the time, weather, news, and other notices displayed in the mirror. You can even install software to watch videos. If you want to take a picture of yourself in the mirror, you can also turn on the camera to take a selfie.

The smart mirror serves as the control center of the smart home. It can centrally control lighting, water temperature, access control, etc. through the mirrored touch panel. Realize functions such as home central control, smart security, and visual intercom. Realize the intelligent management and control of the whole house.

Of course, when you buy a mirror, you should match the size of the sink. First, you need to understand the size of the basin cabinet. Thereby you can plan for the bathroom space. Some families have more items. When choosing a cabinet, you should choose the right size according to your bathroom.

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Lindsey Ertz
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