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Different Types of Power Drills

Different types of power drills are designed for different tasks. For example, a drill press is more useful in making holes, while a hammer drill is useful for drilling holes through hard surfaces.

Below are some common types of drills that you can get from ERDE tools:

Hammer drill:

A hammer drill (often abbreviated to just hammer) rotates the cutting tool from a “external” to “internal” rotation. It uses energy from the kinetic energy of a walking person, stored in a spring-loaded mass for slow drilling and rotating, or by an electric motor for faster drilling.

This machine is ideal for drilling through concrete, steel as well as brick.

It also can drill various diameter holes into many types of materials like stone and terrazzo.

The design also allows it to twist or pull on screws or anchors to fasten them securely into place.

There are 3 main categories of drill bits: stable hole type, mixed hole type, shear-cutter type with 5 sub-categories descending in order of quality that corresponds with severity of material.

High speed drilling machine:

A high-speed drill rig is a special machine used on an offshore platform. High-speed drills are set inside a column that is erected in the deck of the platform where it remains stationary. Instead of being mounted to one side of the rotary table as is found with most rigs, this will allow for a single-spindle system to be mounted under. This design does not require girder tabs for support.

The structural capacity will be engineered into the column itself. Cutting speed will range from 13-19 RPM or higher which has been found easier on wear parts and drill fluids than conventional rigs with rotary tables functioning at 8 or 9 rpm at best.

Rotary hammer drill:

A rotary hammer drill, also known as an impact drill, is a fast and versatile drilling tool.

A rotary hammer drill can have a range of sizes and make-ups. It also has an adjustable clutch speed – selecting the right one ensures that you don’t hurt yourself or the tools that you are using. Furthermore it has a chuck which converts your fingertip gripping on to turning of the chuck.

Cable tool drilling machine:

Cable tools drilling machine can meet different need from customer and it is necessary to designing or improving drilling machine.

In order that equipment support customer the high requirement to customize, topowerlong-term provides modular design series products which self-contained module contains all related operations theater which are operated by engineer autonomy.

There are module’s self-centering system: rotary table with full center position regulating function, drill barrel with low center position regulating function (the standard for high-grade model is less than minus 30mm), CNC control cabin with integrated process cabin, independent tool head control system, no-match precision measurement mechanism (TPS), follow up drilling machine.


Drilling machines are not your average hardware store purchase. Industrial grade milling machines can cost anywhere from $30,000 to more than $500,000 and big fat bucks aren’t necessary for top machinery. The price of milling machine is based on its size and horsepower capabilities. These drills are often purchased in certain classifications including pulp & paper industry as well as fertilizer & chemical industries.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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