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Is Diarrhea a symptom of Covid?

Nowadays coronavirus has become very threatening; in fact, people are afraid of hearing the name of it. Some people want to take information about it because they are suffering after getting this virus. There are others who want to be cautious and take necessary information regarding it to protect them.COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that is caused by germs or bacteria coming out of the virus.

In short, coronavirus is like a big family of viruses that includes various symptoms like cough, flu, fever, and severe respiratory issues. Sometimes people who have this virus have mild symptoms while others may go through more severe ones. Adults who are above 65 are in more danger as compared to the youth. Here are more details about the symptoms of coronavirus.

Diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms of COVID-19

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Many people believe that the following are the only symptoms of coronavirus.

  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches
  • Sore throat
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Muscle pain

They seem unaware that diarrhea and other gastric problems can be an alarming symptom of coronavirus. There are many people that may get respiratory problems along with diarrhea or some have diarrhea alone. According to the recent research that happened at Stanford University is that one-third of the patients were having digestive system problems. Another research that was held in China also stated that many patients were suffering from Diarrhea.


You have to understand that diarrhea is one of the most common symptoms of coronavirus. The study that was introduced in the American journal had the same story to tell. They found out that 48 patients were having gastrointestinal symptoms while 69 patients had both diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems.


It has been observed that various researches that vomiting is the most common symptom of coronavirus among kids. There was a little number of adults that had been vomiting after getting the virus. The information regarding others will help you keep yourself safe and realize what needs to be done for survival and protection.

Loss of Appetite

You must know that even if you a slight problem inside your body the first thing is a loss of appetite. A person with a healthy body will never lose appetite because of no reason. According to research done in Beijing, there are about 38-50% of patients who experienced a loss of appetite in the initial weeks.

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Is it possible to have diarrhea with no fever?

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The question arises in the mind of many and we have the answer for you. There are many people who experience only diarrhea but don’t have flu-like symptoms. In some cases, diarrhea seems to the only big symptom and flue may come over later. Each patient is different as it has been observed that some patients didn’t face any of the symptoms and were just having gastrointestinal problems.

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When should you see the doctor?

If you notice that your symptoms are mild it is better not to visit the doctor and stay at home to look for treatment. If things get severe you should consult a doctor but there are many patients who have mild symptoms initially. Some people have also stated that they didn’t get any symptoms at all but it turned out they were affected with the virus too. If you think you are having some problems try to isolate yourself from your loved ones.

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