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Kôji Shitara Net Worth, Career Highlights, Achievements, Family Life, Bio & More

Kôji Shitara is a prominent Japanese actor and he has gained a lot of prominence in Japan and other parts of the world. Most of the films and TV shows he has done so far have been a big hit among the audiences. Even though he has done many works till now but he is fondly known for few special ones. He is still remembered for Good Morning (1959), the Flavor of Green Tea over Rice (1952), and Late Autumn (1960). His acting style is unique and his fans are happy that he can fit in all types of roles very well. He didn’t need any managers or agencies and did all the hard work to reach where he is today. Here is all you need to know that about this talented actor.

Bio and Early Life

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Koji was born on June 4th, 1946 in Yamagata, Japan. He belongs to a middle-class family but his parents supported him fully. Even since his young age, he wanted to become an actor and the talent was evident for him. He wanted to learn acting and his parents gave him money so he could earn it from a reputable place. He is 74 years old currently and is a source of inspiration for the youngsters. Many fans didn’t know that he was born in the year of Dog but the Chinese zodiac signs hold a lot of importance for them. He is loyal to his friends and loves his fans dearly. He completed his education at Tamagawa University and ventured into films.

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Koji has a successful and long-running career while he has given a lot of hit films in his career. You will be surprised to know that his shows and films have become most watched online on various platforms. Most of the shows he has done so far have featured in top Netflix show too. Nowadays the popularity of Japanese shows is not only restricted to Japan. People from other parts of the world are also showing their interest. He played Toru in the movie big wave that gave him a lot of prominences. Apart from that, he has also done many other successful films and shows. It includes Good Morning, the Flavor of Green Tea over Rice, and Late Autumn.

Family Life and Net Worth

Koji is a happily married man but not much information is given about his wife and kids. He is leading a good life personally and professionally keeping away from all the controversies. The total net worth of Koji happens to be around $1-$5 million. He has earned this amount from his long-running career. He has won awards and has many other advantages to boast of. He feels that it is the support from his fans that have helped him reach where he is today. You can visit his social media accounts where he loves to post a lot of updates for his fans.

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