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International Bacon Day 2019: Complete Detail About The Bacon Day

Americans consume about 8 kilos of bacon per year per person. In fact, they like it so much that, according to surveys, 71% of the times they prepare eggs for breakfast, these are accompanied by bacon. No wonder they dedicate a memorial day!

International Bacon Day has two possible origins. The first in Bedford, Massachusetts, in the year 2000, and the second in Boulder, Colorado, in 2004. In any case, this unofficial celebration has no other meaning than to gather lovers of this product and promote its consumption The party was established on the Saturday before the first Monday of September (in 2019, Saturday, August 31), the day when Labor Day is celebrated in the United States.

Why Do They Love This Product And Celebrate A Bacon Day:

But why do they love this product so much as to dedicate a memorial day? Is it something exclusive to Americans? Should the consumption of this processed meat really be promoted?

Interestingly, bacon is one of the oldest processed meats, so, although it is fashionable, the Chinese have been eating it for more than 3 thousand years. On the other hand, the biggest consumers of bacon in the world are the Danes but, even so, it is the Americans who have popularized the passion for these crispy strips that are added to everything, from sweet breakfasts – like hotcakes with bacon dishes – even sandwiches like the famous BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato/bacon, lettuce and tomato).

In fact, the word “bacon” has a Germanic root in the word “bak”, which refers to the back of the pig. As with most words, the word evolved and, at the end of the 16th century, it already appeared in the literature as bacon, although at that time it referred to pork in general.

Bacon is a very interesting product because at the same time it has been described as unhealthy or even harmful to health, it has enjoyed an unusual reputation. Thus, for example, it is undeniable that it should be consumed in moderation, since 68% of its calories come from saturated fat, provides 30 milligrams of cholesterol and up to 2,500 milligrams of sodium, and consume it, as with other processed meats, increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 36 %. But despite this, it was the first food that Neil Armstrong consumed after reaching the moon; It is present in at least one of the recipes prepared in 69% of American restaurants; It has its own cult and inspired the creation of a movement called bacon mania from which they have manufactured varied products inspired by bacon, such as flavorings, mayonnaise (mayonnaise) and toothpaste.

The truth is that bacon is not a magical product, but has certain qualities that make it addictive. One of them is the unique aroma it produces when cooked. This is due to the chemical reaction, known as the Maillard reaction, in which glucose, amino acids, and proteins intervene when they come into contact with the heat of the pan. On the other hand, trying it creates a neurochemical reaction that makes you want to eat more as if it were an addiction.

Then, since it is so delicious and aromatic, to give it a point in favor, it should be said that bacon provides choline, a type of vitamin that is also found in eggs, milk, nuts, and chicken and that in the Pregnancy helps the brain development of the fetus. Finally, in Bacon –The Next Health Craze? We discuss the possibility of fighting fat with certain sources of monounsaturated fats among which the famous bacon is considered.

This is the history, advantages, and disadvantages of bacon. What is your opinion of him and why or why would you not consume him?

5 Curious Facts That You Probably Don’t Know About Bacon:

This week we celebrate International Bacon Day, the perfect excuse to add this delicious food to everything. If you are a bacon lover, you should know some of their curious facts:

  1. It’s not your idea! The bacon is really addictive. One study showed that eating high-calorie loads has effects on the brain in the same way as some drugs.
  2. It is one of the oldest processed foods in the world. The Chinese began to salt pork belly in 1,500 BC
  3. Bacon contains Choline a micronutrient that helps with the development of babies in the womb.
  4. Almost half of the breakfasts served around the world … they have bacon!
  5. The bacon has reached space! The crew of Apollo 8 and Apollo 11 included bacon in their breakfasts.
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