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Rules of Sports Betting in Thailand

From boxing to golf, there are several popular sports in Thailand. And with the popularity of sports comes the popularity of sports betting. However, if you’re interested in placing sports bets on platforms like sbobet in Thailand, you need to familiarize yourself with its gambling laws.

Many foreigners will visit Thailand for the gambling industry, despite the several anti-gambling laws. It’s crucial to be aware of the laws if you enjoy gambling and have a Thailand vacation planned. Here are the rules of sports betting and online gambling laws in Thailand.

Sports Betting in Thailand

As per the Gambling Act of 1935, sports betting is illegal in Thailand. However, about 60% of the population is said to enjoy some form of gambling. People enjoy online sports betting through offshore sportsbooks in Thailand.

Though these sportsbooks are typically reputable and highly trusted, people will often keep it a secret and use other strategies to make their actions untraceable.

Thai boxing, or Muay Thai boxing, is the national sport of Thailand, and other popular sports in Thailand include golf, basketball, and badminton. Some venues in Thailand allow betting through licensed bookmakers.

Thai Online Gambling Laws

Virtually all forms of gambling are illegal under Thai law. The only exceptions to Thailand’s anti-gambling laws are the national lottery and racecourses, with wagering taking place only at the venue. Besides the exceptions, Thailand is essentially a gambling-free country.

However, despite the anti-gambling laws, gambling is still a huge industry in Thailand. The majority of people place their wages with local agents that operate underground. The Thai government blocks known gambling sites, but people can still access these sites with more effort.

In fact, many online poker pros commonly relocate to Thailand. It is wise for these players to keep their profession undisclosed. Foreigners are vulnerable to deportation if authorities discover any internet betting or poker activity.

The local police will often conduct raids and arrest those participating in gambling. The punishment can include a fine between 1,000 and 5,000 baht and one to three years in prison. These laws apply to both locals and foreigners, so many will turn to online gambling to lessen their chances of getting caught.

Legal Gambling Activities in Thailand

As mentioned before, Thailand allows gambling on horse races and Thai lottery.

The national lottery in Thailand is known as an income-generating activity. There are two draws every month, on the 1st and 16th day. 60% of the sales from the lottery tickets become the lottery prize.

From street vendors to markets, lottery tickets are widely accessible to the public, making it an incredibly popular activity in Thailand. Each ticket costs 40 baht, but tickets with lucky Buddhist numbers will cost more than tickets with regular numbers.

Betting in horse racing isn’t as common as the lottery is in Thailand. Most people who participate in horse race betting and other sports bets are wealthy, so this activity is much less accessible than the national lottery.

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