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Hunters Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All You Need To Know

Hunters is an American web series that aired on Amazon Prime Video in late February 2020, The show was an ultimate ride as it took the viewers on a wild journey. The show is set up in 1977 and introduces us to vigilantes who are looking to serve justice to the Nazis that are hiding in America. We have gathered all the latest information about Hunters Season 2, which includes what direction the plot of the show will lead to, and which cast members will be joining the season 2 and also the release date.

How many episodes will Hunter Season 2 have?

Hunters Season 2 will most probably come out with a total of 10 episodes.  Each episode will have a run time of 60 minutes. The season 1 of hunters had 10 episodes and we are hoping that the second season will also follow the same pattern. The first episode of the first season was 90 minutes long so we are hoping that the first episode of the second season will also be longer than 60 minutes.

Is there a trailer of Hunters Season 2?

Hunter Season 2 doesn’t have a trailer as yet. Amazon Prime doesn’t promote their shows ahead of time so we are not expecting to get any promotional posters or videos related to Hunters Season 2. The fans will get the trailer when the release date is near.

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What is the plot of Hunters Season 2?

hunters season 2

The official plot details of Hunters Season 2 haven’t been revealed as yet.  The director of the series David Weil hasn’t revealed anything about the second season as yet. We have not got any hints from other cast or crew members either.  We don’t know the official synopsis of the season 2 as yet but we can guess what might happen in season 2 based on the plot of season 1.

Season 1 of the Hunters ended on a high note. The main focus of season 2 will focus on the two Nazi-hunting operations that will be led by Jonah. The hunters will be joining up along with Millie. The task force will set out on their journey in the second season.

These two groups will be clashing just like it happened in Season 1.  The story of Jonah and the hunters will continue from where it left in season 1 and we might also get on who was Sister Harriet talking to the phone. We might also find out why a mysterious person wants to meet Jonah. The history of Jonah might also come out in the upcoming season.

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Is Al Pacino returning to Hunters Season 2?

Al Pacino was one of the biggest reasons why the Hunters season 2 was a major success. He drew a lot of viewers to the Hunters in Season 1. All the fans want to watch Pacino yell about killing Nazis that are hiding out in America. The season one revealed a lot of shocking things and with Meyer Offerman the killer of The Wolf and Jonah ending up killing him, Al Pacino might not be back for Season 2.

When will Hunters Season2 2 release?

The official release date of Hunters Season 2 hasn’t been announced as yet. We can expect the season 2 to release sometime in late February.

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