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How to Have Fun Playing Online Pokies with Friends

Nowadays, playing poker together is becoming more and more popular. There are many clubs specializing in holding games and teaching newcomers. However, it is much more convenient to play poker from home. This is also the reason for the popularity of other online activities, such as casinos online. All you need is to register at an appropriate portal and have a stable connection to the Internet. Once novice players are more or less familiar with the new space, they tend to assemble their team. As a rule, the network is played by experienced players, with whom it is challenging to compete. One way out of this situation is online poker with friends.

How to choose a resource?

Getting together on a night out with friends is not always an option. Sometimes friends live in other cities, and it is often challenging to meet. And to get all together at a virtual table to try the best free online slots in Australia or to play a poker match, you only need access to the Internet. Popular online game sites allow several people to sit down at the table, but in this case, there is no guarantee that strangers will not join the game. Some applications allow you to play poker over a local network.

However, such poker programs often have negative feedback from users because of the large number of bugs in the software and low speed. Therefore, professionals advise giving preference to proven online resources. Poker with friends can be arranged in a unique poker room.

Private poker game

The most popular way to play with friends online is to create a private room. The game platforms allow for real private poker tournaments. The creator of the game can invite his friends to the poker table. However, he has the right to edit the list of invitees at his discretion. You can invite guests via a link, and the administrator can also consider applications for the game. The most modern platforms even allow you to create your own rules for online poker with friends.

They should not differ much from the classic ones, but they can significantly vary. For example, players often set their money limits in poker or the sequence of moves. Poker with friends online allows you to play not only for chips. For this purpose, each registered player has an account, the balance of which can be replenished with a payment card or e-wallet. There is also an opportunity to withdraw funds from the account. Some resources simultaneously take a commission, so when you apply for withdrawal, you need to be careful and attentive.

Extensive resources for online pokies with friends provide users with a user-friendly interface and quality graphics. A unique security protocol protects all actions. It is only necessary to keep the password from your account secret and carefully follow all the instructions on the computer screen.

Private Rooms at PokerStars

Private Rooms at PokerStars

Many years ago, the largest poker room in the world was introduced in the game client functionality that allows you to play with friends for money or contingent chips. For this purpose, a special section Home Games, was created in the poker application. You can find it in the main lobby of the program on the right. You can create a club, start a table or tournament in it, and send invitations to your friends in the section. If they do not have an account at PokerStars, you will have to download the client from the official site of the room, install and register.

How to create or join a game: after clicking Home Games, a list of poker clubs will appear. Every PokerStars user can create their mini-room or join others.

How to set up a club: open the Home Games section, click on Create Poker Club, and specify a name and an invitation code.

Before the support service checks the name, the list displays the club number. In its lobby, you can see the list and rating of participants and schedules of games.

How to invite friends:

  • Enter the club lobby.
  • Open the Management tab.
  • Click Invite members.
  • Copy the invitation text and send it to a friend.

You can appoint administrators, block players, and change the invitation code in the management section. Only managers and administrators can send and accept invitations. Club games at PokerStars are free, and there is no charge for content or membership. But in cash games and tournaments, the room takes a standard rake. On the “Manage Games” tab, you can create a cash table or tournament for real money or play money.

There are 19 varieties of poker, cash tables with bets up to $0.5/$1, and matches with buy-ins up to $33. All terms and conditions should be discussed before creating a table or game. The completed table or tournament appears in the club lobby and becomes available to all members.

How to join the club:

  1. To receive an invitation from the manager.
  2. Log in to the PokerStars client.
  3. Open the Home Games tab.
  4. Click on Join a Club.
  5. Enter your club number, invitation code, and name.

The name is not displayed on the tables but is needed as a comment to make it easier for the manager to understand who sent the application. Compared with the usual Home Games on PokerStars has several significant advantages:

  • The ability to play poker with friends online while away from each other.
  • Handing out cards, calculating bets and the pot, and determining the winner are taken care of by the poker software, which works seamlessly.
  • Software excludes cheating: cracked cards, stolen chips, etc.
  • All winnings are immediately credited to the player’s account – no debts.

The user can play not only with friends but also with strangers with a common interest: you can invite participants to his group on social networks and forums. These can be poker players from one city, region, or country.

Fun Playing Online Pokies with Friends
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Playing via the local network

Some applications allow you to play poker with friends online, even if the computer has no Internet. This is done by using the capabilities of the local network. The advantage of this method is that the game involves only certain people who the creator of the game himself invites. Usually, the local game has the same functionality as the network. Users can play by the classical rules and use all the gaming table features.

However, poker with friends online has one drawback, unlike the online version. A local network can only play with conditional chips in the game over. And this point can be a minus as well as a plus. Not uncommon cases when poker with friends hacked user accounts. The site can guarantee the return of funds, but this situation can seriously spoil the mood.

Social Media Poker

Another way to organize online poker with friends is to use embedded social media games. You can create a room and invite your friends to play it. People spend a lot of time on social media, so you can easily organize a small poker tournament. To play poker, you do not need to install any additional programs.

It is enough to open the appropriate section in the mobile app or on the official website and start playing. Games in social networks are free due to the contextual advertising which a person sees during the session. Thus, there is no need to pay for poker, and it is possible to play in the application from the world’s largest developers completely free of charge. In addition, the user does not need to make another account. Information from the player’s page will be enough to identify the game.

Features and Benefits

When playing poker one-on-one, it is not recommended to constantly use the same tricks. On the contrary, on almost every hand, you should try to change your strategy to make it harder for your opponent to analyze/predict your actions at the table. Try to study your opponent and look for his weaknesses constantly.

Another thing to remember is that there are only two positions at the table in heads-up games: the blind and the dealer. This means that you are required to make a blind bet on every other hand. Be prepared for almost every starting hand in a two-person game, which is incredible in fast play, bluffing opportunities, exciting combinations, new poker tricks, and more. All in all, you’d better try it!

The main advantages of poker with friends:

  • No need to deal with the tournament’s organization – the program takes care of everything (dealing cards, calculating the bank, bets, etc.).
  • Opportunity to play remotely with friends at an optimal time for everyone.
  • All the money goes to the game account in the game for money – no card debts.
  • You can count on various bonuses from the poker room.
  • There is no cheating in private rooms.

Before you start playing with your friends with contingent or real chips, consider a couple of the following points.

Is it always allowed to play from the same computer / IP?

Not all rooms welcome this kind of game, so it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the poker room before you create closed clubs. For example, contact through the helpdesk or chat room. Often, the poker room considers your actions as a transfer of chips between members.

Can you play with a friend via social media?

Of course, it is because, in this case, you do not need to download and install any additional software, create an account, open a budget, etc. You simply log into a social network, invite a friend and play. Mostly the game is played for funnies, so if you want to get more adrenaline and, in the end, earn money, then you should play in a trusted poker room.

Is it safe?

In the options we offer, a security protocol protects all activities in the game with friends. The main thing is not to forget your game account password and the access code to join your friends in the club/cash game/poker tournament.

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