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Jewellery guide for North Indian brides

Indian weddings are known for their fun, complete with loved ones enjoying music, dancing, conventional ceremonies, and nourishments. The variety of weddings across India is entertaining and stunning. Indian wedding jewellery traditions are the same amount of a fundamental piece of Indian weddings just like the celebratory events.

Wedding clothing and jewellery are an overall concern and picked with much consideration. Be that as it may, Indian wedding adornments conventions show enthusiasm for gold jewellery. This is seen all through the nation in spite of the fact that interests range from handcrafted gems to precious stone and gemstone-studded jewellery.

The north Indian traditions of Haldi and Dhol Nights to Sangeet and Mehendi need a variety of jewellery to be styled according to the clothing and event.

Indian wedding jewellery traditions are also graced with fine craftsmanship and intricacy in designs and the choices are endless. From retail to online jewellery stores there is an array of intricate designs available to choose from for the north Indian brides.

Let’s go through the Indian wedding jewellery traditions that make a bride feel special on her memorable day.

Jewellery ring

Nose Rings

Indian wedding jewellery customs are deficient without the nose ring. The nose ring is emblematic of marriage, particularly in Hindu weddings. Nose rings are not happy for everybody; endless ladies quit wearing one at their wedding. Indian wedding nose rings might be detailed with anchors interfacing with the hoops or they might be simply studs that enhance the nose without looking exaggerated.

On the off chance that piercing the nose isn’t a possibility for you, you can without much of a stretch pick cut on assortments to finish the look with Indian wedding adornments.

Maang Tikka

A maang tikka adorns the forehead of the bride and compliments the rest of the jewellery set. It looks super attractive and totally uplifts to the whole bridal look.

It is believed that the spot where the Maang Tikka rests is symbolic of the union of the bride and groom on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level.

Big Earrings

Indian marriage jewellery incorporates earrings coordinating the jewelry and adds to the bride’s sparkle. The designs are frequently on the heavier side, with perplexing designing and coordinated interestingly with the dress. Lighter shades like pastel shades look shocking with precious stone adornments while hazier, more extravagant tones like maroon and red work out in a good way for yellow gold.

Earrings are likewise picked to suit the haircut of the lady.


A necklace that is traditional and heavy is a major piece of attraction for a bride. They are majorly made of Kundan, gold, gemstones, and diamonds. The earliest Indian wedding jewellery traditions had necklaces made solely out of gold but now, the designs have extended to modern ones with diamonds, gemstones, and pearls and even colored glasses or enamel works. This allows choosing bridal jewellery to match with the bridal attires.


Anklets, customarily called payal, are lovely trimmings of significance in Indian wedding adornments conventions. The bride’s appearance is reported with the melodic jingles from her anklets. Wedding anklets are additionally worn as straightforward chains around the lower legs, without the small ringers that tinkle.


Indian wedding customs in bangles consider wearing bangles as a fortunate image for the prosperity of the spouse. Most North Indian ladies are seen wearing bunches of bangles in their wrists even after a few months of their wedding. Bangles are extremely prominent and get eyes rapidly.

Get ready to rock your wedding day with these amazing jewellery pieces. Choosing the right jewellery with your wedding attire is one of the most important things. Wishing you dear ladies a happy wedding!

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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